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  • Would you help or hinder in a pet emergency? Image

    If, heaven forbid, your dog were to be seriously injured, have a fit or stop breathing, how would you react? In emotional and distressing situations, we can surprise ourselves by how we respond. Either we keep calm, which allows us to comfort our animals and assist those attending to them, or we make things worse by freezing or panicking, distres...

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  • Helping horses cope during fireworks Image

    One of the strongest instincts in an animal is the will to survive. As a prey animal, horses have a very strong fight-or-flight response and are naturally easily startled. The impulse to outrun whatever has troubled them is usually the first response but, if a horse is trapped, they will endeavour to defend themselves by biting, kicking and rearing...

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  • Why try our own brand dog food? Image

    How often do you cringe at your basket total? Your dog’s monthly shop might raise the same thoughts time and again: Why is this food so expensive? Where can I get it cheaper? How can I get the best quality for the price I can afford? And this is why we've created our own brand range of high quality products, without premium price tags! What...

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  • Renal failure in cats Image

    Renal failure in cats

    17 August 2015 - By in Pet Care

    What is it? Kidney failure can be acute with sudden onset, or chronic with slower development. Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) is also known as kidney disease and is sadly a progressive, irreversible condition. The problem is relatively common in both cats and dogs but affects a much higher proportion of cats. While cases of kidney failure in younger a...

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  • Understanding feline behaviour: stress Image

    Just like humans, cats possess a wide range of personalities. It is easy to forget that animals are capable of such complex emotions because they simply cannot tell us what is wrong and we frequently overlook obvious signs of problems. In fact, up to 10% of euthanised animals are a result of unresolved negative behaviours. Often, behavioural proble...

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  • How to give your cat a tablet by mouth Image

    How to give your cat a tablet by mouth

    30 June 2015 Last updated: 23 January 2020 - By in Pet Care

    There will usually come a time in your cat's life where you will need to give them a tablet by mouth. Not all tablets are suitable for crushing or giving with a meal, as food in the gut may hinder proper absorption of the medication. In other circumstances, your cat may simply refuse to take the tablet no matter how much tasty food you try to disgu...

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  • Why should I worm & flea my pet regularly? Image

    Why should I worm & flea my pet regularly?

    2 March 2015 Last updated: 18 November 2019 - By in Pet Care

    The chances are, every dog and every cat will get worms and fleas at some point in their life. Often, infections are manageable but even healthy looking animals may have the beginnings of something more sinister inside them. If I don't worm/flea them, what might happen? The consequences of a flea infestation are clear enough and most of us will hav...

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  • Are your pets celebrating the New Year with you? Image

    New Year's Eve is one of the biggest celebrations of the year, enjoyed by everyone and lasting all evening, sometimes into the early hours! We should enjoy ourselves, reminisce with friends and look forward to what next year will bring but we must not forget to spare a few minutes in advance to ensure our pets will not be adversely affected during...

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  • Christmas: decorations & dangers Image

    Christmas is a happy and exciting time of year and with the house full of new smells, sights and sounds, who could blame our pets for wanting to get involved? Unfortunately for some pets, after eating something they shouldn't they miss out on dozing in front of the fire with a happy belly, which is just one of the dangers we need to be aware of at...

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  • It's f-fur-freezing! Are you aware of the problems your pets may face this winter? Image

    As winter approaches, we're wrapping up warm and turning on the heating. We all know the feeling of stepping outside and the shock of cold air hitting our face and lungs; some of us love it but others shiver at the thought of leaving the house! Our pets' reactions to winter weather will vary between individuals but whether they are going out for a...

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