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  • Moving on in puppy training Image

    Once your new family member has got used to life in their forever home, you’ll want to start helping to understand some more advanced commands, both for their own wellbeing and your quality of life. But what are the most important things that a well-rounded dog should learn? Tricks like shaking hands and rolling over are all well and good, bu...

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  • Treats for teeth Image

    Treats for teeth

    20 March 2015 - By in Pet Health

    When your pet lunges in to cover you with doggy kisses, the affectionate gesture can often be undermined by an unpleasant smell. While no dog should be smelling minty-fresh (and if they do, it may be time to see if they’ve got at your toothpaste supplies), anything that smells of decay is otherwise unbearable is a serious problem. This is har...

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  • Top diet tips for sick puppies Image

    Every so often, our beloved pooch may get sick or unwell. When this happens, it is important to ensure it is given the best diet and care possible, in order to set it back on the road to recovery. The first step is in being able to recognise the symptoms when they arise, and in taking the appropriate advice from the vet. You should also ensure tha...

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  • Best ways to use positive reinforcement Image

    Positive reinforcement is an important part of dog training. It helps to encourage dogs to behave in the way you want them to and enables you to form a stronger bond with your pet. However, if they are used in the wrong way then dogs may become too reliant upon treats. In some cases, your pooch may even lose the motivation to behave in a good way...

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  • Common ailments that can affect your dog Image

    As a pet owner, it is important to familiarise yourself with some of the most common ailments that your pet can suffer from and know how it can be treated. It can be a very distressing experience to see your dog suffer, but being armed with the right knowledge and recognising the signs and symptoms of illness can help to prevent it from growing wo...

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  • Making safe choices for your dogs Image

    Every dog loves a treat but it is important to make sure they given as part of a healthy, balanced diet. In order to give your dog the best possible start in life and ensure the foods it is eating are healthy, pet owners should familiarise themselves with the types of diet that are unsafe for canines. While there are some dietary choices that will...

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  • Exert control over a hyperactive dog Image

    There will inevitably be times when your dog may get stressed or hyperactive, particularly if it is taken by surprise, either because the doorbell rings, or it is around new people or animals. Hyperactivity may also have many other causes, including a lack of stimulation or sometimes even illness. Before you are able to address the problem through...

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  • Health and nutrition for your dog Image

    We all want the best for our pets and most dog owners will do everything it takes to ensure that their pooch is kept happy and healthy throughout their lives. And when it comes to achieving a sleek coat, wet nose and waggy tail, you really need to start from the inside out, and ensure that your dog is eating a nutritious well-balanced diet. Howeve...

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