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55 Works
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By Charlotte Franke on 4 January 2019

one of my cats was a little nervous ... after one pills ... she feel comfortable again.

55 We're happy
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By Tsvetana Trichkova on 30 December 2018

My cat has anxiety (among other health issues) and was pulling out whole clumps of his fur. This product has calmed him down considerably; as little as half a capsule (he's not a big tom) sprinkled over his wet food works great. He doesn't seem to notice I've messed with his food, though I suppose a more finicky cat might notice. The capsules can be a bit hard to open, and I've had a couple crack open in my hands but as long as you keep the capsule over the food bowl you won't lose any of the powder. I'm very happy since YuCALM has worked far better than other products we've tried.

55 Worth the money
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By Andrew Radford on 20 November 2018

My cat has very bad anxiety, and it has caused her to pull over 50% of her own fur out, plus she had sores from this. Its nearly at the end of her first box of 30 and she is like she used to be as a kitten (an absolute nightmare jumping all over and getting into any hole she can find) which we are so pleased to see.

Its can be a little awkward to give to my cat as we give them meat once a week usually as it can be a little rich for her, but we have had to give her a spoon full of meat daily as you have to open the capsule and sprinkle the powder (hence the 3 for ease of use)