Westgate Labs Worm Count Kit for Horses

Westgate Labs Worm Count Kit for Horses
Single Kit

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The Westgate Labs Worm Count Kit is an essential tool that allows an easy worm egg count that is easy to use and understand. Recommended by many vets, a correct worming programme can help to prolong the efficiency of worming drugs, leading to a better state of health for your horse. Each kit provides all that is needed to take a sample and send off to the laboratory for testing, including a voucher for the laboratory test. Each test is for one test on one horse.

*** New compostable packaging with unique zero waste design. Contains a sample pot and full instructions on how to collect a sample from the field/stable. ***

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55 Quick, Easy & Affordable
Verified Purchase

By on 6 March 2022

Arrived quickly, easy to follow instruction and extremely quick turnaround results. Would recommend and use again

Customer recommends this product

55 great
Verified Purchase

By on 26 January 2022

great product
easy to use, fast results

Customer recommends this product

15 Worm count
Verified Purchase

By on 23 November 2021

Still waiting for reply from lab which was sent sample over a week ago.

Customer does not recommend this product

55 Helps beat worms
Verified Purchase

By on 9 August 2021

Great way to find if your horse needs a wormer

Customer recommends this product

55 Worm count
Verified Purchase

By on 7 July 2021

Excellent value for money. Fast service. I was very happy with the speed of results from Westgate labs. They also instructed to pick from 5 areas of the dung giving an overall better result. The test kits I've had in the past have just asked for a sample from one area. Would recommend this company

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Westgate Labs Worm Count Kit for Horses, including answers from our team.

24 November 2020 at 10:24pm

Which worms?

Tamsin Mainzinger

  • VioVet customer since 2020
  • From: , United Kingdom

Please could you tell me which worms this test is for? Does it include pinworm?

  • VioVet Staff

Worm egg counts test for adult, egg laying redworm and roundworm. Occasionally you can see pinworm eggs in worm egg count samples but this
is not common because the eggs are generally laid outside the horse
around the anus area. Nevertheless they will be reported in your result
if they are present in the sample but a negative sample does not rule out pinworm.

24 September 2020 at 12:14pm

I’ve just wormed using Equest Pramox


How soon after worming should I test to see if wormer effective?

  • VioVet Staff

You should wait at least 14 to 17 days after treatment to perform a Faecal Egg Count to check if the worming has been effective.

12 March 2018 at 9:14pm



Does the price of the test kit include lab fees?
Thank you.

  • VioVet Staff

Hi there,

Yes it does :)

Hope this helps.

5 October 2017 at 6:52pm

Does this test for tapeworm?

Nasser Alhajri

  • VioVet customer since 2017
  • From: , Saudi Arabia

Does this test show a tapeworm ?
Thank you

  • VioVet Staff


Thank you for your question.

Tapeworm eggs are encased meaning that it will not pick up any tapeworm eggs. This will only test for roundworm and redworm eggs. To test for tapeworm you will need to speak to your vet to do a blood test, or use the Equisal tapeworm test and send of a sample of saliva.

3 December 2016 at 5:55pm

Red worm

Lisa Papworth

  • VioVet customer since 2012
  • From: Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Does this testing kit test for Red Worm ?

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Lisa,

Faceal egg counts will identify the presence and level of adult large and small red worm although they cannot give any indication of the level of encysted larvae (encysted small redworm) in the gut wall. It is the encysted larvae that can cause serious problems when they emerge from the gut lining in spring so they should be targeted in the winter months, after the frosts set in and the adults.

Your horse's results may come back with a low egg count, but targeting encysted redworm is still recommended in winter months as you won't know the extent of the encysted larval population. At any other time of the year, a low result would mean you do not need to target roundworm.

Typically between November-February, target encysted larval stages of small redworm with a Moxidectin product (eg. Equest). This will also kill botfly larvae. Alternatively, use a five day course of Febendazole (eg. Panacur) but this will not target any botfly larvae.

I hope this is helpful!

3 September 2015 at 10:23pm

Worming five year olds

sue vasey

Is it advisable to do worm test on a five yr old that has just arrived at the yard.

  • VioVet Staff

If you are unsure of the horse's worming history, a worm count for roundworm and ideally a Equisal tapeworm test would be a very good place to start to give you an overview of their worm population. However, you could worm them to cover both of these, and then start a worming plan afresh.

If you would prefer to do this, I'd recommend using a double dose of Embotape which contains pyrantel. This is very effective against roundworm and when given at double the dose, will also kill tapeworm. As an example, if the horse weighs 500kg, you will need to give a 1000kg dose in one go (you'll need to buy two syringes).

After this, I would then use either a single dose of Equest or a 5 day course of Panacur over winter (Dec/Jan) to target encysted redworm.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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