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Vetzyme Antibacterial Ear Drops & Cleanser

  • 18ml £3.79

Vetzyme Veterinary Antibacterial Ear Drops & Cleanser For dogs, cats and small pets. Cleans and disinfects Helps remove wax and tissue debris from the ear Vetzyme Veterinary Antibacterial Ear Drops & Cleanser used regularly will help maintain good ear hygiene. The product can be safely used on the ears of dogs, cats and small mammals. This product has been specially formulated to help soften and remove ear wax, soothe irritation and help avoid bacterial build up. It will also help cleanse and disinfect insect bites, minor cuts and grazes around the outer ear. Use Biocides Safely. Always read the label and product information before use

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My dog has tender ears

17th Jun 2016
  • VioVet Customer Since: June 2016
  • From: West Midlands, United Kingdom

My dog has very tender ears and yelps sometimes if rubbed.would ear drops help or a visit to the vets.

  • Non-Executive Director

It sounds as if the ears are painful, so a visit to the vets is definitely indicated here.

Itchy ears

22nd May 2016

I can't see any evidence of ear mites but my cat scratches her ears a lot will these drops help

  • Non-Executive Director

They might help, but they might make no difference at all. It depends why your cat is bothered by its ears in the first place. Sometimes this is an allergy or reaction to something (possibly dusts an pollens in the air, sometimes items in the food etc). The drops will make very little difference then, though keeping the ear clean can help a bit whatever the cause. It would be better to have your vet check your cat's ears and follow the vet's advice.


20th Apr 2015

is a prescription needed for this product?

  • Web Developer

No, Vetzyme Antibacterial Ear Drops & Cleanser does not require a prescription.