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VetIQ Serene for Dogs & Cats
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  • Calm Drops (1-10kg) » 100ml Bottle £8.50
  • Calm Tablets (1 - 20kg) » Pack of 30 £7.00
  • Calm Tablets (1-20kg) » Pack of 120 £15.49
  • Xtra (20-60kg) » Pack of 60 £14.50

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VETIQ SERENE CALMING is a natural dietary supplement containing a specially formulated blend of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals and can help to combat tension and stress in pets, without having a sedative effect.

VETIQ SERENE CALMING naturally calms and soothes pets during periods of stress and anxiety and helps promote feelings of happiness, relaxation and wellbeing. VETIQ SERENE CALMING is the first step toward a more contented pet.

  • Formulated for bad behaviour, separation anxiety, fireworks, noise phobias, nervous or hyperactive cats & dogs
  • Just relaxes – non sedating
  • Helps calm your pet during periods of stress & anxiety such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or separation anxiety
  • Available in different formats and strengths to suit all pets
  • Calm Tablets: Cats & Dogs Up To 20kg
  • Calm Drops: Cats & Dogs Up To 10kg
  • Extra Calm Tablets: Dogs 20 - 60kg



Purified Water, Glycerin.


Calcium Carbonate.

Additives per kg


Emulsifier, Preservatives, Flavours.

L-Tryptophan 3,000mg
Calcium (as calcium chloride) 3,800mg
Vitamin D3 20,000 IU
Inositol 5,200mg
Taurine 3,000mg
Vitamin B6 2,800mg
Zinc (as zinc chloride) 27mg
Selenium (as as sodium selenite) 0.06mg
Vitamin E (all-rac-a-tocopheryl acetate) 100mg
Nicotinamide 5,200mg


Serene-Um Serene-Um Xtra
Microcrystalline Cellulose 613,600mg 518,200mg
Acacia Gum 74,900mg 63,400mg
Otadecanoic Acid 55,400mg 46,900mg
L-Tryptophan 54,550mg 76,900mg
Calcium (as carbonate) 34,500mg 29,000mg
Vitamin B3 27,300mg 81,500mg
Inositol 27,300mg 23,000mg
Taurine 18,200mg 23,000mg
Vitamin B6 18,200mg 30,700mg
Natural Flavouring 15,100mg 12,800mg
Vitamin D2 180,000 IU 150,000 IU
Magnesium Sulphate 6000mg 46,100mg
Zinc (as sulphate) 240mg 209mg
Selenite (as sodium) 0.9mg 0.9mg
Vitamin E - 1,500mg

Analytical constituents

Tablets Xtra Tablets Drops
Crude Protein 11.7% 19.9% 0.16%
Crude Fibre 4.8% 0.4% 0.22%
Oils & Fats 5.4% 6.2% 0.26%
Ash 55.5% 50.3% 0.93%
Moisture 3.3% 5.3% 95.31%

Feeding guidelines

Tablets can be given whole or crushed over food. Starts working 6-8 hours but for maximum effect allow 24-36 hours. Fresh drinking water should be available at all times.

Serene-UM Calm Tablets

  • Small Cats (Up to 2.5kg) - ¼ tablet, twice daily
  • Large Cats (2.5 – 5kg) - ½ tablet, twice daily
  • Small Dogs (Up to 5kg) - ½ tablet, twice daily
  • Medium Dog (5 - 10kg) - 1 tablet, twice daily
  • Large Dogs (10 - 20kg) - 2 tablets, twice daily

Serene-UM Extra Calm Tablets

  • Dogs Up to 20kg - 1 tablet, twice daily
  • Dogs 20kg - 40kg - 2 tablets, twice daily
  • Dogs 40kg - 60kg - 3 tablets, twice daily

Serene-UM Drops

  • Small cats up to 2.5kg : 0.5 tsp 2 times a day
  • Large cats 2.5kg - 5kg : 1 tsp 2 times per day
  • Small dogs up to 5kg : 1 tsp 3 times per day
  • Medium dogs 5 - 10kg : 2 tsp 3 times per day

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39 out of 47 (83%) customers would recommend this product.
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45 It wor6
Verified Purchase

By on 17 August 2023

Easy to hide in wet food

Customer recommends this product

55 Brilliant results
Verified Purchase

By on 7 August 2023

Easy to use and quick acting

Customer recommends this product

45 Helps with nervousness
Verified Purchase

By on 8 May 2023

This seems to help with my dog’s nervousness with sudden and loud noises. It seems to be helping and she has been less reactive and jumpy.

Customer recommends this product

55 Agitation
Verified Purchase

By on 8 December 2022

Works well with my elderly dog who on occasions becomes agitated.

Customer recommends this product

55 Our Jack Russell love them
Verified Purchase

By on 10 February 2022

More please.

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding VetIQ Serene for Dogs & Cats, including answers from our team.

1 July 2022 at 11:18am

Side effects


Hi there, I have an 11 month old jack russell who I've just started on these in the last couple of days. Unfortunately he seems to be experiencing some loose stools, he is prone to a sensitive tummy but could the tablets be causing this? Just wondering so I can try and figure out what it is, thanks!

  • VioVet Staff

There are no listed side effects for this product as it is a supplement and so it is similarly classed to food. However this does mean your pet can rarely be inteolrant or allergic to the ingredients. If your dog has a sensitive tummy and the loose stools started soon after starting it then this is quite possible. I recommend stopping the supplement, if stools normalise then you can try starting this again to be certain but it is highly likely your dog is intolerant to the ingredients.
If this is the case then you can still use calmers but it is recommended to use spray/diffuser versions like Pet Remedy to avoid oral administration.

29 October 2021 at 12:06pm

Which product?


How do I decide between Yucalm, Calm and Focussed & SereneUM? We have a young border collie who is obsessed with "fetch" and pulls, lunges, barks when on a walk. We are struggling to calm him enough to train, any ideas?

  • VioVet Staff

All the above mentioned supplements aim to provide a mild calming effect, I advise picking one and trialing it as they all work similarly. You can also use our own brand SettleMe as another option.
Calmers work well for mild excitement/fear/anxiety, if the feelings are strong and have a strong consistent trigger then you may not see much improvement. This sounds like a playful trigger so I expect you will need to behaviourally train your dog alongside a calmer to resolve it. Using calmers alone tends to just cover the signs and it's important to resolve the issue with behaviour training.

23 October 2021 at 9:48pm


Alison Battrick

  • VioVet customer since 2020
  • From: , United Kingdom

My Staffordshire Bull terrier has various noise phobias which are becoming more evident with age, he is 6 yrs old. Adaptil tablets worked ok & he would eat them without any issues. However I struggled to find any recently and so started with Yucalm. The problem is he seems to hate the taste & spits them out. Are these tablets considered to be palatable , as in he would take them like a treat? He is terrified of fireworks so I’m really worried about him coping. Thanks

  • VioVet Staff

The Serene-UM tablets contain 'Natural flavouring' and so will be palatable. If you are looking for a calming supplement that is flavoured specifically then I advise checking out our own brand SettleMe Chews. These contain Hickory Smoke and Pork flavouring.

25 August 2021 at 8:07pm

Larger than 20kg dog


is there a version for larger dogs, these all say up to 20kg

  • VioVet Staff

The Serene-UM Extra Calm Tablets have a dose for larger dogs up to 60kg. I also advise checking out our own brand SettleMe, this has doseages for larger dogs.

6 May 2021 at 4:35pm

Serene-UM and Pexion

G Martin

Can I use this product alongside Pexion 400mg for my dog?

  • VioVet Staff

Yes Serene-UM is safe to use alongside Pexion.

25 February 2021 at 12:59pm



Will these be ok for a dog that suffers with colitis?

  • VioVet Staff

This depends on the cause of the colitis. The ingredients do include flavouring which could set off an episode if your dog is intolerant or allergic to the flavouring within. I recommend using spray/diffuser calmers instead such as Pet Remedy or Adaptil if you are unsure of the exact cause of the colitis.

5 November 2020 at 12:42pm

How long can I use Serene


Can I use serene calming tablets everyday to help my dog with separation anxiety

  • VioVet Staff

Yes these tablets can be used daily for as long as is required. If you are still struggling then you can also try spray/diffuser calmers alongside these tablets, please get in touch with our customer services if you would like any further recommendations.

16 October 2020 at 6:36pm

Serene v Yucalm


I currently use Yucalm for my highly strung cocker spaniel after being recommended by my vet. She has been on Yucalm for nearly a year. It has helped to a point but I feel she needs something more in the run up to fireworks night as she getting extremely anxious. Would serene be taken with Yucalm or instead of?

  • VioVet Staff

Serene-UM contains some similar ingrdients to YuCalm so you may not see a significant difference adding this in too. I recommend adding in a spray/diffuser calmer such as Pet Remedy or Adaptil instead. These will work differently to oral calmers and so can provide an added extra effect.
I recommend reading our blog 'Dealing with firework phobias' for full advice on how to approach the season.

23 July 2020 at 3:45pm

Serene um drops and Metacam


Can I use your serene um drops and metacam for my cat?

Cat has the metacam for pain relief, which will be on for a few more month. Vets will review. But cat is very nervous to loud
noises so would like to try your drops at the same time

  • VioVet Staff

Yes both these products can be used together safely.

12 July 2016 at 6:37pm

Serenum and selgian


  • VioVet customer since 2016
  • From: North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Can serenum be given at the same time as selgian. My cockapoo is 18months old with hip dysplasia. He's had 2 ops and had chronic pain. He gets very stressed at times usually later in the day or when strangers or lots of people are about when at home and can then be aggressive. At other times and when out and about he is very friendly. Serenum helped a bit but now the vet has started him on selgian

  • VioVet Staff

These products can safely be given together and it is fine to do that. I would suggest that you get some advice from an experienced dog behaviourist or trainer as aggression like this will not usually get better with medication alone. A very good understanding of the causes of aggression/why he gets "stressed" will be needed if it is to get better. Some cocker spaniels (red ones) I have known in the past became fiercely protective of their beds, the car, or other things and then were very aggressive if an attempt was made to force them to move. If they were encouraged to walk away from the focus of this happily, then the aggression would evaporate completely. I have no idea exactly what is happening with your dog of course, but it is certainly worth getting good advice from someone who can assess your situation knowledgeably.

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