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Summary of Reviews for Vet-Way Vet-Strider Poultice Boot

Overall 4
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3 out of 4 (75%) customers would recommend this product.
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55 Really useful boot
Verified Purchase

By A Robb on 30 May 2019

I agree you have to find the best loops to put the ties through. Also the horse was very fidgety trying to tighten them; and then cut loose when changing dressings. The large size is MUCH too high at the back and ultimately rubbed her heel. We also have a medium size which has a kinder heel; suggest manufacturer is made aware of this. Finally, no way does it stay on a naked hoof, but is excellent for stopping toe rubbing through bandage/duck tape. Very useful and excellent value for money. Lastly, the ties (for large boot) need to be 25". The largest i could find commercially are 23", just too short to capture and pull tight.

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35 Boot
Verified Purchase

By Monica Russell on 25 March 2019

Ok but not that strong

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45 Good product once I got used to it and adapted it to fit.
Verified Purchase

By Nicole Waterfield on 7 April 2018

On the whole, I am really please with this product. I have tried many poutice boots with little success, normally due to slipping or coming loose/off.

This boot is really easy to fit and tighten, once you know which level to put the cable tie through to suit your horse/needs. I always used the middle one except when he wore it out in the field when I used two cable ties, one on top row and one on the bottom row. This made it really secure and stopped his hoof slipping between the fingers (which it did with just one cable tie on top row).

I also had to trim the thick bit at the back of the foot as this came up really high on the back of his hoof and was actually digging into his pastern.

So with a little trial and error and adaption, I am now really please with this product. I also really like it because it is light and not bulky like some poutice boots. Most of all though, it actually stayed on and didn't slip.

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25 Disappointing
Verified Purchase

By Jane Clark on 13 March 2018

Viovet have been very helpful and proactive in trying to resolve the problems I had with this boot (5 stars to them) but their suppliers would not give me a refund despite product issues, being:-
1) they are sold as suitable for use without a dressing but they are almost impossible to put on without two people as they are so slippery and rigid against a bare hoof and the tie is therefore difficult to tighten.
2) There are no instructions at all, if there were they would have said a)the best placing of the tie strap so you don't thread it all through before realising it needs to be on the outside of the leg.
b) which way round to use the lace so it does grip.
c) that in cold weather it's much easier to use if placed in hot water first as it is inflexible as well as slippery.
d) given better advice re the size, medium is small in the overall scale of horses feet. Size seems to be critical if using without a dressing. I can't see how any size could work for tiny or huge feet
3) the shape is of a hind foot, so no good for a foot that is wider than long if you are intending to use it without a dressing
4) be super careful when you cut the lace if there is no dressing, it is quite difficult cut and you need sharp scissors very close to an unprotected leg.

I could not possibly recommend this product for use without a dressing unless two people are available to put it on, so for me it was poor value as t was unusable.

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