Trixie Denta Fun Dog Ball Mint Flavour

Trixie Denta Fun Dog Ball Mint Flavour

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  • 6cm £3.98


  • thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  • mint flavour
  • massages the gums
  • compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)
  • Measurements: ø 6 cm

Exciting strategy games and cuddly soft toys: Our toys for dogs

Toys bring fun and variety into your dog's everyday life and are important for physical and mental exercise for your four-legged friend. We offer a wide range of products in different colours, made of various materials and for different purposes. Whether balls, soft toys, ropes or snack toys - here you will find everything a dog's heart desires. These are some highlights of our range:

For problem solving: Challenging strategy games

Our strategy games are great for keeping your dog fit and mentally stimulated. She has to try different (opening) techniques to get to the treats. The games come in three levels of difficulty so that both beginners and advanced sniffers can be successful. The strategy games are a great way to play together with your dog and strengthen the bond between you. You can also use the games for daily feeding. The dog games come with detailed instructions with tips and tricks to make training as easy as possible for you and your furry friend.

For cuddling: Fluffy soft toys

Cuddly toys can help to relieve boredom and stress by encouraging your four-legged friend to play and cuddle.

Our wide range includes alpacas, anteaters, unicorns, owls, raccoons and walruses. Among them there also maritime plush toys from the BE NORDIC series such as the seagull Hinnerik, the crab Melf and the octopus Ocke. From the sale of the series, we support marine protection projects and thus making an important contribution to the conservation of nature and the species. Sustainability is the background to the Be Eco series, the soft toys of which are made (almost) entirely of recycled material.

To help your puppy get used to life in your household: Cute puppy toys

Have you just acquired a puppy? Playing together is especially important in these exciting early days. You and your dog can get to know each other and strengthen the bond between you, while at the same time you can train your puppy how to behave in many ways. Our Junior series offers many playful companions for the first phase of life – in addition to soft toys, ropes and dumbbells, for example, there is also a Junior Licking Plate. This helps to incorporate regular quiet phases: Licking has a calming effect on your puppy and reduces stress. On the other hand, the junior sniffing carpet requires nose work – your little four-legged friend has to sniff out treats hidden between the individual layers of fabric. The advantage of these toys is that your puppy is kept busy for a long time and doesn't eat too many snacks too quickly.

For chewing: Denta Fun toys

Speaking of snacking, regular dental care is also important for dogs to prevent bad breath and dental problems. Our Denta Fun toys are made of soft natural rubber and help to keep your dog's teeth healthy. The grooves of the toys clean the teeth and interdental spaces and gently massage the gums. Last but not least, the mint flavour will freshen your pet’s breath.

How do I find the right toy for my dog?

Every dog has his own preferences and needs, so it's important to choose toys that suit her. Here are some tips to help you find the ideal toy for your dog:

Make sure to choose a toy that fits your dog's size. Toys that are too small can be swallowed, while toys that are too big are difficult to handle. The hardness of the toy should be also be appropriate depending on how much your dog chews. If your dog likes to chew, chewing rings, chewing bones and durable rubber toys are a good choice. These toys not only satisfy the pet’s natural chewing instinct, but also contribute to dental health.

Dogs are intelligent and love to overcome challenges. Strategy games require thinking and keep your dog mentally fit. These toys are especially useful for four-legged friends who need mental stimulation. Plush toys, on the other hand, are great for dogs who love to cuddle and also help satisfy natural chewing and prey-catching behaviour. Dogs can play with soft toys, carry them around and chew on them. These activities can help promote a dog's physical and mental health.

However, they are not equally suitable for every dog. Some dogs love to cuddle and carry soft toys, while others are more into tearing and chewing. If your dog is prone to destroying toys, plush toys can quickly come apart into pieces. In such cases, more durable toy options such as heavy-duty chewing or rubber toys are better.

Watch your dog closely to find out what kind of toys she prefers. Some dogs like toys that squeak, while others prefer to chew or fetch. By observing the pet’s reaction to different toys, you can better decide what she enjoys most. In short, choosing the right toy for your dog is a mixture of observing her preferences and considering her needs and safety issues. By offering her a variety of toys, you can ensure a varied and enriching play experience for your pet.

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