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Thyronorm 5 mg/ml Oral Solution for Cats

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For the stabilisation of hyperthyroidism in cats prior to surgical thyroidectomy. For the long term treatment of feline hyperthyroidism.


Thiamazole 5 mg
Sodium Benzoate (E211) 1.5 mg


For the stabilisation of hyperthyroidism in cats prior to surgical thyroidectomy.
For the long term treatment of feline hyperthyroidism.

Dosage & Administration

For oral use only.
The product should be administered directly into the mouth of the cat.
Do not administer in food as efficacy of the product when administered via this route has not been established.

For the stabilisation of feline hyperthyroidism prior to surgical thyroidectomy and for the long term treatment of feline hyperthyroidism, the recommended starting dose is 5 mg per day.
The total daily dose should be divided into two and administered morning and evening. In order to enhance stabilisation of the hyperthyroid patient the same dosing schedule relative to feeding should be used daily.

Haematology, biochemistry and serum total T4 should be assessed before initiating treatment and after 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 20 weeks, and thereafter every 3 months. At each of the recommended monitoring intervals, the dose should be titrated to effect according to the total T4 and to clinical response to treatment. Standard dose adjustments should be made in increments of 2.5 mg (0.5 ml) and the aim should be to achieve the lowest possible dose rate. In cats that require particularly small dose adjustments, increments of 1.25 mg (0.25 ml) can be used. If total T4 concentration drops below the lower end of the reference interval, and particularly if the cat is showing clinical signs of iatrogenic hypothyroidism (e.g. lethargy, inappetence, weight gain and/or dermatological signs such as alopecia and dry skin), consideration should be given to reducing the daily dosage and/or dosing frequency.

If more than 10 mg per day is required animals should be monitored particularly carefully.
The dose administered should not exceed 20 mg per day.
For long-term treatment of hyperthyroidism, the animal should be treated for life.

Withdrawal Period

Not applicable

Contraindictions, Warnings etc

Do not use in cats suffering from systemic disease such as primary liver disease or diabetes mellitus.
Do not use in cats showing signs of autoimmune disease.
Do not use in animals with disorders of white blood cells, such as neutropenia and lymphopenia.
Do not use in animals with platelet disorders and coagulopathies (particularly thrombocytopenia).
Do not use in pregnant or lactating females. Please refer to section 4.7 of the SPC.
Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.

Pharmaceutical Precautions

If more than 10 mg per day is required animals should be monitored particularly carefully.
Use of the product in cats with renal dysfunction should be subject to careful risk:benefit assessment by the clinician. Due to the effect thiamazole can have on reducing the glomerular filtration rate, the effect of therapy on renal function should be monitored closely as deterioration of an underlying condition may occur.
Haematology must be monitored due to risk of leucopenia or haemolytic anaemia.
Any animal that suddenly appears unwell during therapy, particularly if they are febrile, should have a blood sample taken for routine haematology and biochemistry. Neutropenic animals (neutrophil counts <2.5 x 109/l) should be treated with prophylactic bactericidal antibacterial drugs and supportive therapy.
Please refer to section 4.9 of the SPC for monitoring instructions.
As thiamazole can cause haemoconcentration, cats should always have access to drinking water.

People with known hypersensitivity (allergy) to thiamazole or one of the excipients should avoid contact with the veterinary medicinal product. If allergic symptoms develop, such as a skin rash, swelling of the face, lips or eyes or difficulty in breathing, you should seek medical attention immediately and show the package leaflet or label to the doctor.
Thiamazole may cause gastrointestinal disturbances, headache, fever, joint pain, pruritus (itching) and pancytopaenia (decrease in blood cells and platelets).
Avoid dermal and oral exposure, including hand-to-mouth contact.
Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the product or used litter.
Wash hands with soap and water after administration of the product and handling the vomit of or litter used by treated animals. Wash any spillages from skin immediately.
Following administration of the product any residual product remaining on the tip of the dosing syringe should be wiped clean with a tissue. The contaminated tissue should be immediately disposed of.
The used syringe should be stored with the product in the original carton.
This product may cause eye irritation.
In case of accidental ingestion, seek medical advice immediately and show the package leaflet or the label to the physician.
Avoid eye contact including hand to eye contact.
In case of accidental eye contact, rinse eyes immediately with clean running water. If irritation develops, seek medical advice.
As thiamazole is a suspected human teratogen, women of child-bearing age must wear non-permeable single use gloves when administering the product or handling the litter/vomit of treated cats.
If you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant or are attempting to conceive, you should not administer the product or handle the litter/vomit of treated cats.


Any unused veterinary medicinal product or waste materials derived from such veterinary medicinal product should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.

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How long does the product last

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The product should be used within 6 months of opening and not beyond the expiry date.

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