Staykil Household Flea Spray

Staykil Household Flea Spray

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What is it for?

Staykil is a long-lasting environmental household flea spray. It contains two active ingredients; one to kill adult fleas and a second to prevent existing eggs and larvae from developing into adult fleas for 12 months. Who is it for?

Staykil is for any home that has been infested with fleas. 95% of fleas actually live in your home and so only a small proportion are on your pet. It is extremely important to treat your home alongside you pet.

Why Staykil?

Staykil kills fleas fast! It provides complete protection for the home against fleas and house dust mites.

  • Prevents existing eggs and larvae becoming adult fleas with its Insect Growth Regulator (IGR).
  • Protects your home for 12 months and covers a 4 bedroom house and the car (175m2).
  • Staykill is 100% OP Pesticide-free.
  • Contains the insect growth regulator S-methoprene. Permethrin is the active ingredient in Staykil that kills fleas within 24 hours of hatching and continues to kill them for a further 6 weeks.

How to use Staykil?


  • Hot wash all pet bedding.
  • Remove all pets from the room. Including fish tanks if possible, if not possible cover up tanks with thick blankets and turn off pumps.
  • Close all windows and doors in the rooms you are going to treat.
  • Ensure you have no naked flames, e.g. no candles are lit.
  • Test any delicate areas that you need to spray.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Direct nozzle approximately 45cm (around knee height) from the surface you want to treat and away from the body. Using a sweeping motion to ensure an even delivery, apply a 4 second spray per ㎡ on areas requiring treatment. Avoid spraying painted or varnished surfaces.


  • After application leave the room for at least 30 minutes and then open windows and doors to allow the room to air thoroughly.
  • Vacuum your home daily after application until you no longer see any fleas.

Important to know:

  • Do not spray Staykil on your pet.
  • Remove all pets and other humans from the room before you spray.
  • On delicate surfaces it is advised to do a patch test before use.
  • Treat your pet regularly with a flea treatment to prevent re-infestation.
  • Insecticides do not kill pupae and adult fleas may be seen emerging for several weeks after treatment. Continue to vacuum your home until they are gone.

Why am I still seeing fleas after I have applied Staykil?

Due to the complicated flea life cycle, the time it can take to fully eradicate the burden is dependent on the severity of the infestation. Staykil is an insecticidal product. It contains two actives ingredients: permethrin, an adulticide which kills adult fleas and S-methoprene, an insect growth regulator which controls eggs and larvae for a full 12 months.

Insecticides do not kill pupae and adult fleas may be seen emerging for several weeks after treatment. All emerging fleas will be killed by permethrin within 24 hours in the first few weeks after treatment but may still be seen by owners. These newly emerged fleas can be recognised because they appear smaller than those typically seen on the animal. Vibration stimulates hatching and regular vacuuming encourages these small adults to hatch from their pupae and come in contact with the adulticide. Pets treated with a topical treatment which includes an adulticide can be allowed to return to the home as they will also encourage pupal hatching and will attract and kill the emerging adults when they jump on to them.on. If treatment has been made correctly, the fleas seen one day are all dead the next day. However, pupal hatch may continue for some time. We do also recommend to use a spot on treatment prescribed by your vet alongside protecting the environment.

In addition to this once the product has been applied to all area’s, there is no need to respray the areas and the active ingredients will last for 12 months.

If you are ever worried about your pet please go to your vet for further advice.

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