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Specific (VetXX) COD-HY Allergy Management Plus Dog Food

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CΩD-HY Allergy Management Plus is a balanced complete, hypoallergenic diet that contains high levels of fatty acids to support dogs with food allergies and have a beneficial effect on other immune-related disorders. The highly digestible, high quality ingredients contain a low fibre level and increased level of electrolytes which make the diet ideal for dogs with gastrointestinal problems, maldigestion and pancreas insufficiency. The recipe also contains psyllium husk which is a gel-forming soluble fibre that absorbs large amounts of weight in liquid and is known for its beneficial effect on the regulation of the gastrointestinal tract activity.


  • Hydrolysed salmon protein - Hydrolysed salmon protein with a molecular weight <10.000 Dalton has a high digestibility and a low allergenicity
  • Immune support - Unique high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from fish oil and the omega-6 fatty acid GLA from borage oil. These fatty acids can affect the immune response by altering the eicosanoids production and support the skin and coat condition in dogs with atopy
  • Skin & coat support - The skin has an active metabolism and a high demand for several skin-related nutrients. The increased levels of vitamin A, E, B complex, zinc and selenium can support a healthy skin and coat
  • High digestibility - Very high quality and highly digestible ingredients make the diet especially useful for patients with small intestinal diarrhoea
  • All ages - A complete, balanced diet with recommended nutrient levels to meet the nutrient requirements of growing and adult dogs.The diet is therefore also suitable for puppies


Rice, rice protein, hydrolysed salmon protein, fish oil, powdered cellulose, minerals, sunflower oil, vitamins and trace elements, borage oil, psyllium husk.

Additives (per kg): Nutritional additives (vitamin A 23460 IU, vitamin D3 1141 IU, ferrous sulphate monohydrate 117mg [iron 35.0mg], calcium iodate anhydrous 3.6mg [iodine 2.3mg], cupric sulphate pentahydrate 45mg [copper 11.5mg], zinc oxide 299mg [zinc 215mg], sodium selenite 0.8mg [selenium 0.4mg]), antioxidants

Antioxidants: EC approved additives: BHA, BHT, propyl gallate and ascorbyl palmitate. It contains no artificial colours or flavourings.


Protein 22.8%, fat content 15.3%, crude fibres 6.1%, ash 6.5%, calcium 1.08%, phosphorus 0.88%, sodium 0.33%, potassium 0.75%, omega-6 fatty accids 2.2%, GLA 0.08%, omega-3 fatty acids 2.4%, EPA 0.73%, DHA 0.96%. Omega 6:omega3 fatty acid ratio 1:1

Feeding guidelines

The daily individual requirement may vary depending on factors such as breed, environment, season, activity etc. It is therefore advisable to continue monitoring condition and body weight, adjusting the amount fed accordingly.

Daily feed amount in grams
Dog Weight (kg) Lean Average Overweight
2.5 120 90 50
5 200 150 85
7.5 275 205 115
10 340 255 145
12.5 405 300 170
15 460 345 195
20 575 430 240
25 675 510 285
30 775 580 325
35 870 655 365
40 965 720 405
50 1140 855 480
60 1305 980 550
70 1465 1100 615

Recommended for

  • Allergic dermatitis, caused by atopy, food allergy, flea allergy or any combination of these allergies
  • Gastrointestinal disorders caused by food allergy or intolerance
  • Inflammatory bowel disease, colitis
  • Gastrointestinal problems as diarrhoea, vomiting and flatulence cause by malabsorption and maldigestion, EPI and acute gastroenteritis
  • Other fatty acid and nutrient-responsive dermatoses
  • Other fatty acid responsive inflammatory conditions such as colitis, asthma or arthritis

Not recommended for

  • Immuno-deficient dogs
  • Dogs with coagulation abnormalities

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Questions & Answers for Specific (VetXX) COD-HY Allergy Management Plus Dog Food

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How much to give my dog in each serving

12th Oct 2015
Michelle Smith
  • VioVet Customer Since: December 2013
  • From: East Sussex, United Kingdom

I have a Bichean Frise who weighs 10.3KG how much should I give in each serving?

  • Non-Executive Director

If you scroll down past the listing of this product you will see the Description tab. If you then click on Feeding Guidelines you will see a table with a full answer.

For an average build dog of 10kg bodyweight, then 255g per day is recommended. I would have to say that this is just an initial suggestion. It is up to you to judge (with the help of your vet or vet nurse) if your dog is under or over weight at all as time goes by. If so, then adjusting the amount of food given will correct any weight problem. The correct amount of food to eat each day is that amount which produces the correct bodyweight. There is no better guide than that, whatever else is said.