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Specific (VetXX) FXD / FXW Adult Cat Food

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Specific (VetXX) FXD / FXW Adult is a complete cat food for healthy adult cats up to 8 years old. The diet contains psyllium husk and beet pulp which help support a healthy gastrointestinal tract. It is also suitable for a weight control diet after the cat has been on a period of weight reduction.

Please note: There have recently been the following changes to the FXD dry recipe:

Change of animal fat (mix of beef and pork fat) to pork fat. Change of digest from hydrolysed yeast to hydrolysed fish protein. Addition of fish oil. Ammonium chloride added as urinary acidifier. Increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Slightly smaller kibble size.


  • Moderate energy, balanced nutrients - A complete, balanced diet with high quality and highly digestible ingredients which meets the nutrient requirements of adult cats. The diet has a moderate energy content, which helps to maintain the cat’s ideal body weight
  • Healthy urinary tract support - The low content of magnesium and phosphorus and a urinary pH between 6.0 and 6.3 discourage precipitation of struvite and support a healthy urinary tract. The RSS-value for struvite and calcium oxalate is < 1 and < 2.5 respectively
  • Skin, coat & joint support - EPA and DHA are both omega-3 fatty acids with a beneficial effect on the maintenance of healthy skin, coat and joints
  • Hairball control - The increased level of fibre promotes the excretion of ingested hairs through the faeces and reduces the formation of hairballs
  • Odour control - Yucca extract reduces the production of malodorous gasses and the smell of faeces



Maize starch, wheat, potato protein, fish meal, rice, maize protein, powderedcellulose, pork fat, eggs, fish oil, minerals, vitamins and trace elements, ammoniumchloride, hydrolysed fish protein, methionine, psyllium husk, taurine, beet pulp,Yucca extract.

Antioxidants: EC approved additives. Contains no artificial colours or flavourings.


Pork, beef, fish, eggs, psyllium husk, rice, minerals, powdered cellulose, vitamins and trace elements, taurine, methionine.

It contains no artificial antioxidants, colours or flavouring.



Nutrient Contents
per 100 g
per MJ
Energy kJ 1544
Protein (g) (crude) 31 20.1
Fat (g) (crude) 8.5 5.5
Carbohydrate (g) (NFE) 42.2 27.3
Fibre (g) (crude) 5.3 3.4
Calcium (g) 0.6 0.39
Phosphorus (g) 0.53 0.34
Magnesium (g) 0.059 0.038
Sodium (g) 0.34 0.22
Omega-3 fatty acids (g) 0.33 0.21
Ratio n-3:n-6 1:4 1:4
Water (g) 8


Nutrient Contents
per 100 g
per MJ
Energy kJ 416
Protein g (crude) 11 26.4
Fat g (crude) 5.5 13.2
Carbohydrate g (NFE) 1.5 3.6
Fibre g (crude) 0.6 1.4
Calcium g 0.17 0.42
Phosphorus g 0.15 0.35
Magnesium g 0.013 0.032
Sodium g 0.11 0.26
Omega-3 fatty acids g 0.13 0.32
Ratio n-3:n-6 1:4 1:4
Water g 79.7

Feeding guidelines

The daily individual requirement may vary depending on factors such as breed, environment, season, activity etc. It is therefore advisable to continue monitoring condition and body weight, adjusting the amount fed accordingly.


Weight of Cat Lean Average Overweight
1 25 20 15
2 45 35 30
3 60 50 40
4 75 60 50
5 85 70 55
6 100 80 65
7 110 90 75
8 120 100 80
9 135 110 90
10 145 120 95
11 155 130 105
12 165 140 110


Weight of cat Lean Moderate Fat
1kg 95g 80g 65g
2kg 160g 135g 105g
3kg 215g 180g 145g
4kg 270g 225g 180g
5kg 320g 265g 210g
6kg 365g 305g 245g
7kg 410g 340g 275g
8kg 455g 375g 300g
9kg 495g 410g 330g
10kg 535g 445g 355g
11kg 575g 480g 385g
12kg 615g 510g 410g

Recommended for

  • Daily diet for healthy adult cats (< 8 years)
  • Support of a healthy urinary tract
  • Weight control after a period of weight reduction

Not recommended for

  • Simultaneous administration of urinary acidifiers
  • Kittens younger than 6 months and pregnant or lactating queens
  • Metabolic or renal acidosis

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