Specific (VetXX) FRD & FRW Weight Reduction Cat Food

Specific (VetXX) FRD & FRW Weight Reduction Cat Food
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Specific (VetXX) Veterinary Diet Weight Reduction helps to control weight in your adult cats. It consists of a low fat and high fibre content which makes it easier to manage a correct weight in a cat which tends to over eat. This highly palatable diet contains essential vitamins and minerals to help ensure that your cat is receiving a well balanced diet with the correct nutritional values.


  • Low energy for optional weight loss - The low content of fat and high content of fibre result in a low energy density. Even during a period of weight reduction this will enable the owner to feed a considerable amount of food, supporting that the cat’s appetite has been sated
  • Urine pH control - A urine pH below 6.4 supports a healthy urinary tract
  • Skin, coat & joint - Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy skin and coat. Omega-3 fatty acids also help to maintain normal mobility in joints of obese cats
  • Diabetes mellitus - The content of complex carbohydrates and the high level of fibre promote a gradual release of glucose from the diet, which makes it suitable for patients with diabetes mellitus
  • L-carnitine & high protein - The relatively high protein content ensures maintenance of muscles and ensures that the cat’s appetite is sated during the weight reduction period. L-carnitine transports fatty acids into the mitochondria and stimulates oxidation of fat and preservation of muscles



Maize protein, powdered cellulose, potato protein, wheat, rice, eggs, oats, minerals, fish meal, hydrolysed poultry protein, vitamins and trace elements, animal fat, methionine, taurine, L-carnitine.

Antioxidant: EC approved additives: BHA, BHT, propyl gallate.
It contains no artificial colours or flavouring.


Pork, fish, powdered cellulose, maize, eggs, rice, psyllium husk, minerals, vitamins and trace elements, taurine, L-carnitine.

It contains no artificial antioxidants, colours or flavouring.



Nutrient Contents
per 100 g
per MJ
Energy kJ 1312
Protein g (crude) 32.8 25
Fat g (crude) 6.5 5
Carbohydrate g (NFE) 31 23.6
Fibre g (crude) 14.2 10.8
Calcium g 1.17 0.89
Phosphorus g 0.66 0.5
Magnesium g 0.07 0.053
Sodium g 0.48 0.37
Starch g 24.2 18.5
Sugar g 0.3 0.2
L-carnitine mg 26 20
Omega-3 fatty acids g 0.13 0.1
Ratio n-3:n-6 01:09:00 01:09:00
Water g 8.5


Nutrient Contents
per 100 g
per MJ
Energy kJ 309
Protein g (crude) 9 29.1
Fat g (crude) 2 6.5
Carbohydrate g (NFE) 5 16.2
Fibre g (crude) 4 12.9
Calcium g 0.19 0.6
Phosphorus g 0.15 0.5
Magnesium g 0.017 0.054
Sodium g 0.12 0.4
Starch g 5.1 16.5
Sugar g < 1 < 3.2
L-carnitine mg 7 23
Omega-3 fatty acids g 0.05 0.17
Ratio n-3:n-6 01:06:00 01:06:00
Water g 78.6

Feeding guidelines

During a weight reduction period, it is recommended to feed only 65% of the advised quantity of Specific FRD Weight Reduction for normal cats. If the cat does not lose weight, it may be necessary to further reduce the daily intake. In obese cats, fasting or too accelerated weight reduction should be avoided as this may cause hepatic lipidosis. The daily individual requirement may vary depending on factors such as breed, environment, season, activity etc. It is therefore advisable to continue monitoring condition and body weight, adjusting the amount fed accordingly. Ensure there is always fresh water available.


Weight of cat A B C
1 25g 20g 15g
2 40g 35g 25g
3 55g 45g 35g
4 70g 55g 45g
5 85g 65g 55g
6 95g 75g 65g
7 110g 85g 70g
8 120g 95g 80g
9 130g 105g 85g
10 140g 115g 90g
11 150g 120g 100g
12 160g 130g 105g


Weight of cat A B C
1kg 105g 85g 70g
2kg 180g 145g 115g
3kg 245g 195g 160g
4kg 300g 240g 195g
5kg 355g 285g 230g
6kg 410g 330g 265g
7kg 460g 370g 300g
8kg 510g 405g 330g
9kg 555g 445g 360g
10kg 600g 480g 390g
11kg 645g 515g 420g
12kg 690g 550g 450g
  • A - Normal cats/cats with diabetes mellitus
  • B - Weight control in obesity prone cats
  • C - Weight reduction in obese cats

Recommended for

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Colitis, chronic diarrhoea, constipation
  • Hyperlipidaemia
  • Cholestasis

Not recommended for

Young kittens and pregnant or lactating queens with high energy need.

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Specific (VetXX) FRD & FRW Weight Reduction Cat Food, including answers from our team.

26 May 2021 at 11:34am

Would this be suitable for obese cat with sensitive/delicate tummy


See sabove please

  • VioVet Staff

This weight reduction diet is aimed at helping overweight cats lose weight. Whether it is suitable for your cat that is sensitive to dietary changes is hard to say, it depends on what sets off your cat's dietary issues. This is a veterinary diet so you should discuss with your vet whether it is suitable for your cat anyway.

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