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Summary of Reviews for ROYAL CANINĀ® Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dog Food

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55 Excallant service
Verified Purchase

By Mary Fox on 13 June 2016

Best food for my pets

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55 dog with the fat tummy
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By Peter Turner on 13 May 2015

my yorkie really loves this food and I do honestly believe he is not so fat

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55 Yorkshire Terrier food
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By Theresa Shaw on 16 February 2015

Bonnie (my daughter's dog) had been eating my Golden Retriever's food so I bought the Yorkie food to see if she would eat it. She loves it and only occasionally sneaks the bigger dogs food.

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By Catherine Paine on 6 December 2014

I began purchasing this product for our 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier, Max, in 2010 following the passing of our 9 year old Springer Spaniel. My husband was devastated at the loss of our other dog and I hoped that getting the proper food for his breed would prolong his life. I'd bought a small bag which was gone in no time and had just purchased the large economical one, when he was taken ill. I'd foolishly given him a pile of boiled chicken skin and fat from my steak. He was fine before this but the following day wouldn't eat anything and not waiting at the front door for his daily walk. At first they suspected pancreatitis which comes on after a fatty meal. This fitted exactly. They placed him on a drip and kept him over the weekend but were still puzzled and carried out an exploratory operation on the Monday. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer and asked us if we wanted him put to sleep on the operating table. My husband refused and we took him home. He was given 1-2 weeks to live and sent home with Tramadol for the pain. We spoilt him rotten for the following weeks feeding him his favourite roast chicken, no skin, and Royal Cannin daily. He gradually recovered from his operation over the following weeks and was back to his old self, resuming his daily walks to the park. That was 3 and a half years ago! Sadly yesterday he passed away, the cancer had spread to his kidneys. He was 12 years and 8 months old which is average for his breed, blind in one eye and sight going in the other too. I'm convinced his diet of chicken meat and Royal Cannin specific to his breed prolonged his life. If only we'd known about Royal Cannin 8 years earlier from the beginning. I think he'd still be with us.

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