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PuppyStim Probiotic & Colostrum

  • 15ml Syringe £12.49

A Colostrum and Probiotic enhanced feed that is specially designed and extensively used to stimulate small, weak, underweight, undernourished newborn puppies. Offering immediate energy that is easily derived from rapidly absorbed Triglycerides, essential fatty acids and Glucose.

**Please see below for recall information**

Caution. Some customers have reported great difficulty with using this product. The syringe tends to stick, then suddenly release on pressure and squirt a large amount of liquid into the back of the mouth which can then be inhaled with disastrous results. It is vital that gradual and slow administration into the mouth is achieved and so this should be practiced before placing the syringe into the mouth. Your vet or vet nurse might be able to advise on different techniques for using a syringe of this type. If in doubt, the product can be given from a small spoon.

Product Recall on Limited Batches

Due to a production process, certain batches have been affected and should be returned to the manufacturer. The following tables show the affected batches:

14 April 2014 - 17 July 2014
Batch 140115A (Found on syringe plunger)
3000008247 (Found on the single pack box)
3000008354 (Found on the single pack box)
3000008455 (Found on the single pack box)
3000008646 (Found on the single pack box)
3000008709 (Found on the single pack box)

17 July 2014 - 9 September 2014
Batch 140203A (Found on the syringe plunger)
3000008710 (Found on the single pack box)
3000008781 (Found on the single pack box)
3000008797 (Found on the single pack box)
3000008934 (Found on the single pack box)
3000008145 (Found on the single pack box)

If you have purchased a PuppyStim from VioVet with any of these batch numbers, please contact us to arrange return of the product.

Administration Guidelines

Introduce the uncapped nozzle on to back of puppies' tongues and give one measure (1ml graduation) and allow to swallow.

For newborn puppies, give 1ml (1 graduation) amount as soon as possible after birth and repeat 5 hours later, repeat again on second day.

For puppies failing to thrive after 2-3 days, administer 2ml (2 graduations) repeating for 2-3 days.

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