Provita Lacteal Horse & Foal

Provita Lacteal Horse & Foal
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35g Syringe

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Provita Lacteal Horse and Foal supplies a source of live beneficial bacteria for the stabilisation of the intestinal microflora in horses and foals.


  1. Bacillus subtilis (digestive bacteria), A highly efficient bacterial strain that secretes digestive enzymes which break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates into easily absorbed nutrients
  2. Probiotic bacteria which colonise the horse’s intestine
  3. Added vitamins


  • Competitive Exclusion in the digestive tract - Providing high levels of beneficial bacteria interferes with the attachment of enteric pathogens, such asE.coli, to the gut wall i.e. the objective is to crowd out the pathogens and prevent their establishment within the gut
  • Lactic Acid Production - As the pH in the gut is reduced through the production of lactic acid, the environmental conditions within the intestine become unfavourable for some pathogens. The more acidic environment encourages increased enzymatic activity which improves digestion.
  • Antimicrobial Effects - Probiotics are known to produce lactic acid and bacteriocins which have been shown to have an inhibitory effect on common pathogens
  • Immune Stimulation - Probiotics can stimulate the body’s immune response system against disease and although not yet fully proven, it is thought that antitoxins are also produced by lactobacilli.


At birth, periods of stress, mare service, weaning, after antibiotic therapy, competitions/training, appetite loss, diet changes.

Provita Lacteal Horse & Foal helps to establish and maintain the intestinal well-being of your animals by supplying high levels of specially selected micro-organisms. It is ideal for use during periods of stress in the animal, such as at birth, weaning,change of housing, breaking, before and after transportation, during intensive training and competition, diet changes, intestinal upset or appetite loss. In foals, for example, it has shown itself to be very useful in the control of scours caused by changes in the mare's milk, when she comes in heat, normally 9 days after giving birth.

Provita Lacteal is also recommended for use following antibiotic therapy, to re-establish a beneficial population of micro-organisms in the intestine. Provita Lacteal Horse & Foal contains high levels of specially selected strains of naturally occurring micro-organisms, which are able to survive and multiply within the intestine,providing protection for the animal against undesirable bacteria.

Provita Lacteal Horse & Foal is now widely used on farms, studs, stables and by Police Authority stables across the UK and Ireland. Many veterinary surgeons find Provita Lacteal Horse & Foal a helpful aid when animals under their supervision have digestive upsets


Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcusfaecium, Bacillus subtilis, Vitamins.

Feeding Guidelines

The syringe is calibrated in grams. Adjust ring on plunger to required number of grams. Place tip in mouth of animal (as far back as possible),press plunger until ring is tight against lips of cartridge. Alternatively Provita Lacteal Horse & Foal can be top dressed on the animal's feed.This product is a feed supplement and is intended only as a source of beneficialmicro-organisms.


  • Foaling - Provita Lacteal (8g)
  • Service - Provita Lacteal (8g) before and after transport
  • Weaning - Provita Lacteal (8g)


  • At birth and daily for first 10 days -Provita Lacteal (4g)
  • At mare service and weaning - Provita Lacteal (4g)
  • Times of stress - Provita Lacteal 4g for 3 days. e.g. de-worming, disease, after antibiotic treatment, breaking,preparation for sales, transport, etc


  • Servicing - Provita Lacteal 8g/day for general condition

General health

  • Competition - Provita Lacteal (8g)before and after racing, eventing, etc
  • Stress - Provita Lacteal 8g/day for 3-5days. e.g. post racing stress, lack of appetite, worming and dullness.

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