Phytopet Immune Plus for Dogs & Cats

Phytopet Immune Plus for Dogs & Cats
30ml Bottle

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A combination of herbs shown to have immune system enhancing and direct anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antifungal properties.

  • Liquid herbal supplement containing Immune supportive herbs.
  • Contains Elderberry & Echinacea well known for their immune supportive actions.
  • Give daily to help maintain and support immune system function.


Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea), Elderberry (Sambucus nigra), Cats Claw (Uncaria tormentosa), Astragulus (Astragulus membronosis).


Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea):
Although famous for its immune system stimulating properties, Echinacea also exerts a direct anti-bacterial, anti-viral action. The anti-fungal action of Echinacea is due to its ability to enhance macrophage phagocytosis (macrophages are blood cells that play an important role in immunity, they are found mainly in the spleen, lymph nodes and liver. Phagocytosis is the action of engulfing and destroying; pathogens).

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra):
Much research into Elderberry has proven its anti-viral properties. Elderberry has a direct effect on the DNA of the virus, switching off production of the enzyme that the virus uses to break down body cell walls. As viruses can only replicate inside a body cell, preventing the virus getting inside cells limits its life. A flu virus with an average 10-14 day life can be reduced to under 48hrs with Elderberry.

Cats Claw (Uncaria tormentosa):
Not real cats claws from our feline friends, but a South American vine with claw like hooks which allow it to climb. Cats Claw has traditionally been used by native peoples as a ‘cure all ’. Research into the plant suggests that it has the ability to enhance the immune system. Alkaloids and polysaccharides found in the herb have been shown to increase phagocytosis.

Astragulus (Astragulus membronosis):
Known in Chinese herbal medicine as Huang Qi, a good tonic herb. Immune boosting, liver supportive. Shown to be useful in chronic fatigue, probably due to the immune system enhancing properties of the herb.

Suggested Additions:
A good multi-vitamin/multi-mineral complex designed for animals is a must. Extra vitamin C.

Garlic; powder, raw or capsule, has good anti-biotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal properties. Can be added to food.

Beta carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential to immune system function.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s), important to every function of the body hence ‘Essential’. Balanced oil blends are effective, giving a correct ratio of Omega 3-6-9. However most oil blends contain Flax oil, cats cannot metabolise Flax oil. So give cats Fish Oil along side Borage or Evening Primrose oil.

Our K-9 Sure Daily Sprinkle is a blend of Nutritional Yeast, Herbs and Seeds rich in vitamins, minerals and omega 3 & 6 oils. Used daily to help support immune function, maintain optimum health and vitality.

Feeding guidelines

Add the following amount three times per day to a teaspoon of hot water, allow to cool then add to food or direct into mouth. For acute cases provide smaller quantities (2-3 drops) every 2-3 hours.

  • Large dogs: 7-10 drops
  • Medium dogs: 5-7 drops
  • Small dogs & cats: 3-5 drops

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55 phytopet immune plus
Verified Purchase

By on 13 August 2017

It is a bit to soon to say how effective this is. I have noticed my dog is not as itchy as he was, I can only put it down to immune plus. I am hopeful of further improvement. Very pleased so far.

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55 herbal immune plus
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By on 19 May 2015

I mix it with a bit of milk as my dog is fussy with her food. She actually now 'asks' for her 'bedtime herbal milkies' :) She has cancer & while i know i cannot cure her, she was getting very chesty & this has helped her immensley & cleared up her cough. I also now give it to my 23 yr old cat who is now on his last wobbly legs but seems quite cheerful & likes his herbal milkie too.

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