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Pet Hair Washing Machine Filter Bags

  • Extra Large » 81 x 76cm £11.99
  • Large » 76 x 61cm £9.99

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£9.99 to £11.99

Pet Hair Filter Bags are a practical solution to washing machine and drain blockages caused by clothing items being covered in pet hair. The bags can also be used for cleaning dirty numnahs that would otherwise leave horse hair behind in the machine after washing. Simply place fabric items into the bag and secure, then wash and spin dry as normal before removing items and re-using the bag. The ideal item for animal lovers who want to save time and money by reducing the amount of hair that goes into their washing machine and thus clogs their drains.

Pet Hair Filter Bags are now available in extra large to provide more space for washing large items like numnahs and horse rugs.

Please Note - Generally the Large Pet Hair Bag will come in yellow and the Extra Large in orange. However, please be aware that colours may vary.

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Questions & Answers for Pet Hair Washing Machine Filter Bags

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Pet Hair Washing Machine Filter Bags, including answers from our team.

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Tumble dry?

25th Oct 2017

Can the items be left in the bag to be tumble dried?

  • Brand Manager

Hi Sue,

Yes, if you use a low setting, it's completely fine and works well.

I accidentally burned small holes in mine once (I'd over-filled the machine and also had it on a higher heat setting!)

Hope this helps!

What about the hair?

1st Feb 2017
Rebecca Corbett
  • VioVet Customer Since: May 2010
  • From: West Midlands, United Kingdom

Thus may be a really silly question but where does the pet hair go? Does it stay in the bag if so does it not stay on whatever is being washed? Thanks

  • Website Content Developer

Hi Rebecca,

The bag is specially designed so that hair sticks to it and not the items inside. This can then be shaken out after use.

I hope this helps.

Clean the bag

25th Sep 2015

After cleaning the clothes how do you clean the hairs out from the bag

  • Non-Executive Director

You can just turn it inside out and leave it to dry. The hairs can then be brushed and shaken off the surface of the bag.


14th May 2015
Michelle Brown

My friend uses this but finds that hairs statically cling to the outside of the dry bag prior to washing. How can this be combatted to avoid the hairs transferring to other clothes in the machine, or to fall off during the wash cycle?

  • Non-Executive Director

You need to prevent contact between the outside of the bag and the hairy items to be washed from the start. Often this can be achieved by starting off with a clean bag, then turning it partly inside out before putting it against the item to be washed. You then slowly turn the bag the right way around to envelop the item, so that it ends up in the bag while the outer surface of the bag never touched anything to pick up hairs. It is a bit of a technique but will work perfectly if done carefully. Sometimes it is a two person job, depending on the item to be washed and your dexterity.

It is a bit like picking up a dog pooh in a plastic bag. You can fold the clean bag inside out over your hand, then pick up the pooh with the bag over your hand, then fold the bag down over the pooh leaving the pooh in the bag and no chance of your hand ever touching the pooh. It is a bit difficult to explain but works perfectly (as long as the bag does not leak!) The same technique works on a larger scale for filling the washing machine bags.

Can I please ask if this is tumble dry able?

22nd Feb 2015
  • VioVet Customer Since: November 2014
  • From: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Great for the washing machine but with cats, I find most of the cat hairs stay on the clothes until they get in to the tumble dryer and only come off the clothes when they get caught in the tumble dryer filter so I'm not sure how useful this will be for me. I suppose it could at least stop the transfer of hairs to clothes/blankets in the same load that don't go in as furry as others? Anyone tried it for cats hairs?

  • Customer Service Manager

Hi Tina,

The design of this bag is to collect any pet hairs in the bottom of the bag so it does not end up in the machine. This is a very popular product and if you look on the reviews, it has got positive feedback, including for cats and many other animals!


19th Jun 2014

Can you please tell me what these bags are made out of

  • Web Developer

The Pet Hair Filter bags are made out of 100% Polyester.