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OraFresh™ Oral Hygiene Paste for Cats & Dogs

OraFresh™ Oral Hygiene Paste for Cats & Dogs

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OraFresh™ is a gentle and palatable oral hygiene paste containing mild polishing beads and a complex of naturally occurring enzymes involved in:

  • Reducing bacteria which cause bad breath and dental disease.

  • Breaking down and removing plaque.

  • Maintaining overall mouth health.

The highly palatable poultry flavour makes it a pleasant and easy experience for you and your pet. As an alternative to toothpaste, it can be used with or without brushing, and may be added to food or onto a paw if applying directly in to the mouth is not possible.

How does it work?

  • Increases the levels of natural enzymes to kill harmful bacteria and break down plaque.

  • Mild abrasive beads help gently remove build-up on the teeth, with or without brushing.

  • Bio-adhesive delivery system ensures extended adhesion to the teeth and gums, providing sustained enzyme action and protection.



Approximate Daily Amount

Cats & Small Dogs under 10kg

1cm each side

Dogs 10-20kg

2cm each side

Dogs over 20kg

5cm each side

Apply after food once daily directly to the surface of the teeth and gums on each side of the mouth. Can be applied using a finger, fingerbrush or toothbrush. For cats, this product may be applied to the paw to lick off. Do not rinse the mouth after use.

It is advised to practice regular dental check-ups with your pet and to contact your veterinary surgeon for further information and treatment as needed.

If necessary, the teeth should be professionally scaled and polished before use.


Sorbitol, Flavouring, Dextrose Monohydrate, Xylitol, Starch Pregelatinized, Milk Protein (Lactoperoxidase, Lactoferrin), Vegetable Oil and Fat, Glucose Oxidase, Albumen (Lysozyme).

Emulsifying and stabilising agents, thickeners and gelling agents: Glycerine, Carboxymethylcellulose.

Trace elements: E6 Zinc Gluconate.

Binders, anticaking agents and coagulants: Colloidal Silica.

Other colourants: Titanium Dioxide.

Preservatives: 1a700 Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate.

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Reviews (15)

Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding OraFresh™ Oral Hygiene Paste for Cats & Dogs, including answers from our team.

5 May 2019 at 10:37pm

Can it cause excess salivating in cats?


I have been using this on and off for about 2 months, I had noticed that one of my cats started drooling every now and then but didn’t really think much of it. Just given them some tonight after a week off and my other cat seems to have excess saliva and is making swallowing sounds. Just clicked that the drooling with my first cat had stopped while I wasn’t using the product. Can this be a side effect?

  • Brand Manager

Hi Nicole,

We've looked into this further for you, and the enzymes in the oral hygiene paste can increase saliva production as part of the process of removing oral bacteria. However, this should not increase saliva production excessively unless the amount given is greater than the recommended quantity or the pet has an increased sensitivity to the action of the enzymes. If there's any chance you add it to their food and one cat likes to pinch some extra from the other, this could have lead to her having too much and it stimulating extra saliva production.

The adhesive system of the paste combines with water to adhere to the epithelial surfaces and to a naturally occurring secretion of the mucous membranes, providing lasting barrier protection from bacteria. The natural enzymes in the paste supplements the saliva's natural protective mechanisms in maintaining oral health. In essence, the molecules and enzymes in the paste can increase saliva production as part of the protective process but if your cats are sensitive to it, you could try cutting back on the amount used, or if there is a chance they could have got too much, reduce the amount applied/added to food back to the recommended maximum amount.

If your cats are sensitive and reducing the amount still produces the same symptoms, looking for an alternative product which does not contain enzymes such as our Dental Granules (mix with food), or Oral Solution (added to drinking water) could be great alternatives to help care for their teeth and gums.

I hope this helps!

9 February 2019 at 9:44am


Jill Dawson

My cat has just had her teeth scaled polished and an extraction. She is nearly 18 taking tablets for hyperthyroidism ever day. Is it safe to use?

  • Product Developer

Hi Jill,

Thank you for your question,

There is nothing in OraFresh that will cause issues with standard hyperthyroidism medication, however as I am not sure of the exact medication they are currently taking, it would be best to run it by your vet before use. Alternatively if you are able to email us at [email protected] we can check this for you.

I hope this helps!

14 August 2018 at 9:21am

Will xylitol level build up?


I have read your reply re Xylitol being toxic but is it safe to use every day? Will the build up cause a toxic reaction?

  • Brand Manager

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your question.

Xylitol is eliminated from the body and doesn't accumulate, making products like OraFresh safe for daily use :-)

Kind regards,


1 April 2018 at 7:30am

Polishing beads


Are these the same micro beads which have been banned from human toothpaste etc?

  • Product Developer

Hi Fae,

Thank you for your question,

The polishing beads present in OraFresh are not the same as the synthetic plastic beads which have been banned in the UK, these are made from silica, which is non-toxic and non-reactive.

I hope this helps.

1 March 2018 at 10:54pm


Cheryl Mears

  • VioVet customer since 2012
  • From: Suffolk, United Kingdom

This product contains xylitol which is toxic to dogs!

  • Product Developer

Hello Cheryl,

Thank you for your question.

Xylitol is known to be dangerous for dogs and cats in large amounts (usually found in large quantities in ‘sugar free’ foods, or sugar substituted products such as some peanut butters).

Xylitol has been approved for use in cats and dogs under the Catalogue of Feed Materials European Commission Directive 68/2013, and so has been thoroughly tested for safety. It is an ingredient used in dentistry as it can help reduce bad bacteria and plaque build-up.

It is present in other products, for example Aquadent, who claim that Xylitol prevents the fixing of calcium and the formation of tartar. As another close example, garlic is also toxic to dogs in large enough amounts, but when used at a safe dose, is beneficial.

Dose that may cause some toxicity = 100mg / kg of body weight.

Orafresh contains 23.5mg / ml

1cm of paste = 0.75ml = 17.6 mg Xylitol.


An average 4kg cat would need 17ml of OraFresh to reach this level, our dosage = 1.5ml

A 10kg dog would need 43ml (about half of the full bottle) of OraFresh to reach this level, our dosage = 3ml

Dogs over ~25kg would need more than the entire bottle to reach this.


I hope that this alleviates any concerns on the safety of this product.