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Newmarket Joint Supplement for Dogs

  • 100g Tub £11.49

Joint Supplement from Newmarket contains the most concentrated form of Glucosamine available and is made from natural raw materials meaning it is guaranteed to contain over 99% Glucosamine Hydrochloride. Its specially formulated contents allow it to provides the ideal amount of glucosamine at the most economic rate.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring non-toxic molecule which is essential in the promotion of normal cartilage, joint fluid, tendon, and ligament function.

Feeding guidelines

Add the following amounts daily to your dog's feed.

Bodyweight (kg) Bodyweight (lb) Daily Intake (g) Measures per day
15-20 30-55 1.0 1
25-40 55-90 1.5 1.5
40+ 90+ 2.0 2

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Diabetic dog

16th Feb 2017
Lee Darwin

Hi would this supplement be ok for my lab retriever ? She is a 13 year old Insulin dependant dog so we do have to watch what she takes.

  • Veterinary Advisor

There has been a debate for a few years as to whether glucosamine affects blood sugar in diabetic dogs. However there is no significant clinical evidence to represent this and many diabetic dogs take a joint supplement without any adverse effects or change in blood sugar so it should be fine for you to use this supplement for your lab.


3rd Jul 2015
Pippa Jennings
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2013
  • From: Norfolk, United Kingdom

Is this a vegetarian source of glucosamine? Is so please provide full list of ingredients.

  • Non-Executive Director

We have not been able to find this out so far after enquiring from the manufacturer. However I can say that glucosamine is only found in significant amounts in certain animal tissues (including crustaceans) and a vegetarian source requires a more difficult and expensive manufacturing process. It can be made by various fungi and extracted that way, but I doubt if that applies to any of the popular and established suppliers of any of these types of supplement intended for dogs. Given that so few dogs are fed a purely vegetarian diet, the market for such a product might well not be enough to make it worthwhile producing. That would mean having to use a human product. This should be safe in fact, though it is difficult to know how useful it would be.