Mr Johnson's Supreme Rat & Mouse Mix

Mr Johnson's Supreme Rat & Mouse Mix
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Mr Johnson's Supreme Rat & Mouse Mix is a complementary nutritious and wholesome blend of cereals, grains, vegetables, seeds, mealworms and extrusions - supplying Rats and Mice with a tasty, healthy food in a variety of textures to help with dental wear.


  • Carefully formulated to meet their dietary needs
  • Wholegrain cereals – full of goodness
  • Nutritious flaked and dried vegetables
  • Dried mealworms for natural animal protein
  • Sprinkling of sunflower seeds for energy and vegetable protein
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Plus with Verm-X herbal blend to promote intestinal health
  • Crunchy texture aids dental wear


Torrified wheat, flaked peas, wheat extrusions*, flaked maize, whole oats, grass nuts, wheat extrusions*, whole maize, flaked beans, whole barley, red millet, locust bean extrusions, Soya extrusions, vitaminised extrusions*, flaked Soya beans, dried carrot, mealworms, sunflower seeds, Verm-X blend, Soya oil.

Nutritional additives

Vitamin A (E672) 5,360iu/kg; Vitamin D (E671) 710iu/kg; Vitamin E 19.2iu/kg; Copper (E4) 5.4mg/kg. Colourants.


  • Crude protein - 16.00%
  • Crude fibre - 6.00%
  • Crude oils & fats - 4.00%
  • Crude ash - 3.00%

Feeding guidelines

Growing Adult
Rat 16 - 28 grams per day 15 - 25 grams per day
Mouse 6 - 10 grams per day 5 - 9 grams per day

Mr Johnson’s Supreme Rat and Mouse food is a complementary feed and should be fed together with suitable fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh clean water should always be available.

Overcoming selective feeding:

Rats & mice if overfed, can sometimes selectively feed and may leave their less favourite ingredients in the bowl until last, resulting in an unbalanced diet and nutritional deficiency.

To help overcome selective feeding your rats & mice should be fed twice a day, dividing their daily requirements into two meals, feeding morning and evening but only refilling the bowl once empty.

Changing your rat and mouse's diet

Your rat or mouse's diet should never be altered suddenly as abrupt changes could trigger digestive upsets, especially in baby or stressed pets (for example if they have moved to a new home). If you want to alter their diet, it is recommended that this change takes place gradually over a 7-10 day period. This can be done by mixing small quantities of the new food with their existing food and increasing the proportions until it is fully changed over.

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25 Used to be good
Verified Purchase

By on 24 July 2023

This used to be a great food mix for rats but they've clearly watered down the ingredients and now it seems 1/5 of it is cheap seeds / red millet that end up filtered to the bottom of the bag, that rats aren't interested in, and which is good only for putting out for wildlife. Last two 15kg bags I've probably chucked out the final few kilos as it's all to rat food what water is to vodka.

Customer does not recommend this product

55 A great choice for pet rats
Verified Purchase

By on 31 May 2020

Our rats love this mix. They have a variety of different seeds (safe for rats) and also grains. We supplement with fresh veggies and they love it! I really recommend it.

Customer recommends this product

45 Rats and mice food
Verified Purchase

By on 15 November 2019

Although i wouldnt recommend by its self i 100% recommend if ur using it in a mix

Customer recommends this product

55 Best food I've found
Verified Purchase

By on 15 April 2017

Through the years I've tried different foods for my mice and rats but I always seem to come back to this one. The animals love it and are always excited at feed time now. A 15kg bag lasts well over two months with 9 rats. It's not as dry as some other mixes and the ingredients are more varied

Customer recommends this product

55 Fabulous Value
Verified Purchase

By on 29 March 2016

Was very please with how this bag of food lasted me. I bought the "sack" as I bought 6 mice and all where pregnant so got 56 mice! All grew up on the food, made wonderful little healthy mice. all heading out to new homes. great product.

Customer recommends this product

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