Milbemax Worming Tablets for Dogs & Cats

Milbemax Worming Tablets for Dogs & Cats Milbemax Worming Tablets for Dogs & Cats Milbemax Worming Tablets for Dogs & Cats
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Milbemax is a safe and effective multi-wormer for dogs and cats, available in three different forms. There are small, easy to swallow tablets available for cats and for dogs. These are designed to be placed directly into the animals mouth. There are also chewable tablets available for dogs, which can be offered as treats or in a meal. Milbemax can be used for the treatment of mixed infections by tapeworms, roundworms, lungworms and eye worm, as well as the prevention of heartworm and angiostrongylosis. There are a number of different dosing schedules used, depending on the type of worm being targeted and the degree of risk of infection. Please check the following table to ensure you order the correct tablets if ordering for your pet:

Pet size Tablet type
Puppies & Dogs weighing 1-5kg Small Dogs/Puppies
Dogs weighing over 5kg Medium/Large Dogs
Kittens & Cats weighing up to 2kg Small Cats and Kittens
Cats weighing between 2 - 12kg Cats

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55 Milbemax woring tablet cat
Verified Purchase

By on 21 December 2019

Effective cat wormer, cat seems to like the taste which makes it easier to give.

Customer recommends this product

55 Excellent service
Verified Purchase

By on 5 September 2019

Good product, recommend by vet.

Customer recommends this product

55 Milbemax wormers
Verified Purchase

By on 4 August 2019

Use these for worming our dogs who for some reason like to eat slugs and snails (yuk!) so we have to treat them in case they get a tapeworm and lungworms. So tasty for them to eat that they don't realise they are being medicated.

Customer recommends this product

45 Good product
Verified Purchase

By on 20 April 2019

Good product fast delivery

Customer recommends this product

55 Milbemax
Verified Purchase

By on 6 September 2018

Excellent product and even better service

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Milbemax Worming Tablets for Dogs & Cats, including answers from our team.

14 January 2021 at 10:12am

How often do I need to give my dog worming tablets


What is the dose for a dog of 26kg and how often do I need to give them?

  • VioVet Staff

The dosing can be found on the data sheet itself. For a 26kg dog this is 2 x Milbemax medium/large dog tabs or 2 x Milbemax medium/large chewy tabs. I recommend discussing with your vet the frequency you should give the product as they have to prescribe it to you, but generally this is every 3 months for standard worming or monthly if wanting to cover for lungworm.

11 January 2021 at 10:20am

Forgotten if I gave or not?


My dog has been prescribed Milbemax 1 tablet every 6mths. He was due a tablet in December, but I can’t remember if I gave it to him or not?
Is it harmful to give him a tablet again this month as I can’t remember if he had one in December?

  • VioVet Staff

Milbemax is a prescription only medication so I recommend discussing this with your vet just in case it interferes with their treatment protocol. However Milbemax can be safely given monthly if required so giving another when the last was possibly 1 month ago should cause no issues.

10 October 2018 at 9:35am



Does milbemax for cats and milbemax for small cats and kittens treat for lungworm?

  • VioVet Staff


Thank you for getting in touch.

Milbermax treats tapeworms, roundworms, lungworms and eye worm.

Hope that helps,


31 July 2018 at 2:33pm



  • VioVet customer since 2017
  • From: South Korea, Korea, Republic of


Does this drug also help prevention of heartworm? If no, what example of drug it does? I cannot find on your site.

Thank you

  • VioVet Staff


Thank you for your question.

Milbemax can be used for the treatment of mixed infections by tapeworms, roundworms, lungworms and eye worm, as well as the prevention of heartworm and angiostrongylosis.

This is a prescription only medication so you vet would be able to advise more.

Hope that helps,


30 July 2018 at 9:54pm

Milbemax worming tablets - would I need a prescription from my Vet?

Jacqueline Drea

Milbemax for a medium sized dog 10 Kg - 20 Kg. Would I need to supply you with a presciption from my vet? If this is the case it would probably be easier to get it direct from the vet.

Many thanks.

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Jacqueline,

Milbemax falls under the legal category POM-V and any medication under this category requires a prescription by law.

I hope this helps.

13 December 2015 at 5:21pm

Milbemax 1/2 tablet


Hi. I've a new to me 5 year old rescue cat that weighs approx. 4kg. I only want to give him 1/2 a tablet since he is between the two dosage weights, but am I able to keep the other half of the table for 3 months until his next treatment or will it "go off" during that time? if I can keep it, how am i best to store it?

  • VioVet Staff

Many people do keep part tablets in this way. It is probably acceptable if you keep them in a cool dry place. You can even wrap the part tablet tightly in a small amount of cling film to help. However I am not aware of any official tests to show if this is definitely acceptable and so I am not able to say it will definitely not "go off". It will certainly depend on the storage conditions to some extent.

12 September 2015 at 6:22am


Anne Dennington

How frequently should the product be administered to dogs?

  • VioVet Staff

The general guideline is once every 3 months. Strictly speaking this is not always correct, because in some circumstances it would be better to do it more often, perhaps even once per month, whereas some dogs virtually never need a worm dose. However a sensible guide for the average adult dog is once every 3 months.

20 August 2015 at 4:17pm


Alan Hobson

What strength i.e. per kg is reqd for a dog that weighs 30kgs !

  • VioVet Staff

The recommended dose of the standard Milbemax tablets (not the puppy strength) is 2 tablets.

5 August 2015 at 6:45pm

Milbemax dog worming chew


should i use every month to worm my dog ? i've been getting different information from my vets about when i should worm him from monthly - 3/4 months and can i bulk buy ?

  • VioVet Staff

This is a prescription wormer so you can only buy what your vet will allow on a written prescription. As for frequency of worming, there is no fixed rule. Theoretically it varies between dogs and takes into account the environment they are in. In practice it is difficult to know precisely what any given dog will really need, so a judgment has to be made. Personal views will affect this. Most vets would say that the average dog should be wormed with this every 3 months. Some would say every month (and this can reasonably be argued given the properties of the active ingredients and the life cycles of the various worms involved). Others would say that once or twice a year is OK. Others would say that the average adult dog does not need worming at all, unless it is in contact with children (who can theoretically pick up a type of worm from dogs). Many dogs which are never wormed do appear to be perfectly healthy. Most vets just go for a compromise somewhere in between, which is about every 3 months.

9 May 2014 at 7:58pm

Shelf-life of Milbemax

Debi Goodchild

  • VioVet customer since 2014
  • From: Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

What is the shelf-life of Milbemax Worming Tablets? If I buy a years supply in one go will the use-by date run out?

  • VioVet Staff

These tablets generally have a 2 year date from manufacture I believe. They will be manufactured in batches and released gradually to wholesalers, who then release them over a period. This means that there is rarely 2 years left by the time you get them I have just checked and the stock we now hold has an expiry date in March 2015. (This is clearly written on the blister packaging of every single tablet, so there can be no confusion after supply to the customer.) When you place an order with us you can request long expiry dates, but we will be governed by what we are supplied with. We tend to get through our stocks quickly, so the next batch we get in may have a longer date.

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