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Mikki Walkrite Non Pull Harness & Reflective Dog Collar

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The Mikki Anti-Pull Harness will prevent your dog from pulling and enable you to keep control the kind way. Perfect for short nose breeds, those with delicate facial features or nervous dogs, as the harness is not fitted to the face. This revolutionary product comes complete with an adjustable reflective collar, 'easy-fit' snap lock and Neoprene tubing to allow you strong but gentle control.

Fitting guidelines

  1. Measure the collar around your dog’s neck so it is a secure but comfortable fit (fig. 1). To make the collar smaller move the buckle towards the centre of the collar, to make the collar larger move the buckles away from the centre.
  2. Fit the collar around your dog’s neck with the two large D-rings on top (fig. 2).
  3. Thread one clip of the stop line (with Neoprene tubing) down through each D-ring. Pass the clips behind each of your dog’s front legs and up the front of the chest (fig. 3). Fasten the clips into the small D-rings on the front collar.
  4. Adjust the stop lines by moving the clamp (press the release button) towards the collar. Make sure that the stop lines are not too tight. Fasten your lead to the ring.

Make sure:

  • You don’t use for very long periods of time. The Anti-Pull Harnesses are provided with protective covers for the stop lines. This is to prevent discomfort and chafing, but prolonged use is not recommended.

Training guide

  1. Fit the harness according to the instructions before walks.
  2. When your dog begins to pull ahead, stop walking immediately. This causes the harness to tighten and exerts gentle pressure to counteract your dog’s tendency to pull or lunge.
  3. Encourage your dog to return to your side and then continue walking forwards. Praise your dog for walking nicely and continue training for 10-15 minutes. Train regularly to maximise improvements.
  4. Once your dog is walking reliably without pulling, clip the lead onto both D-rings and continue your walk.
  5. If your dog still pulls or lunges repeat stages 1 to 4.
  6. When your dog can walk without pulling, remove the stop lines and walk with the lead attached to both D-rings.

Size guidelines

  • Small - Neck measurement: 20-30cm/8-12 inch
  • Medium - Neck measurement: 30-42cm/12-16 inch
  • Large - Neck measurement: 40-60cm/16-24 inch
  • Ex Large - Neck measurement: 58-83cm/22-32 inch

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