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Summary of Reviews for Medrone V Tablets for Dogs and Cats

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By Ralph Lowery on 5 September 2016

We believe medrone V is helping our Labrador with her skin problem has we tried reducing the dosage over a period of weeks, suggested by vet, only to find the reduced dosage was making Tally our dog more itchy and uncomfortable and so immediately returned to correct prescription dosage making Tally more comfortable.

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45 Medrone V 4mg tabs for dogs
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By Michael Reese on 23 May 2016

My Doberman is suffering from 'Wobbler', which is a trapping of the central nerve in the spine by a misshaped vertebra between the shoulder and the skull, causing the dog a lot of pain and to lose control of leg movements to various degrees. The Tablets build up the muscles and this alleviates the pain to a certain degree. It is not a cure, but enables the dog to lead a normal life, including running on the fields, which he loves. The biggest problem is in the house negotiating enclosed spaces. He seems to be in my way a lot more.
Side effects are the pills make him ravenous all the time and I have to take strict control of his food quantities to stop him gaining weight. The tablets are very small and I hide them in small cubes of spam to make sure he gets them. My female dog also takes a half dose to alleviate her arthritis and this works better than Previcox227mg anti inflammatory tabs, with less side effects and a lot cheaper.

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55 Medrone Tablets for dogs
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By Joanna Oxley on 7 June 2015

They keep my dog from scratching but I can't wait for more supplies of Apoquel to come back into stock they are fantastic in stopping the scratching with none of the side effects of steriods.e

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