Librela® solution for injection for dogs

Librela® solution for injection for dogs
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Librela is an innovative drug for the alleviation of pain associated with osteoarthritis in dogs. The medication contains a canine monoclonal antibody (mAb) which targets nerve growth factor (NGF). This inhibits NGF-mediated cell signalling which has been demonstrated to provide relief from pain associated with osteoarthritis. The product is administered by monthly injection and has been proven to reduce pain scores in dogs with osteoarthritis.

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55 Brilliant
Verified Purchase

By on 22 May 2022

Absolutely brilliant, Librela has given my dog a new lease of life.

Customer recommends this product

45 Best improvement I have seen so far
Verified Purchase

By on 9 May 2022

Tried tablets etc. but didn't see any improvement at all. heard about this product so decided to give it a go for the dogs sake. Was informed by the vet id see an instant improvement with 48 hrs, if not then to try a second dose 4 weeks later. If that also did not show any signs of improvement within 48 hours then it was not going to work. This happens on a really low percentage off dogs so I was advised to discontinue it and they would look at something else.
With all the facts, Demon had the injection.
First one he did show some improvement after 3 days, but it quickly wore off. Second one, he showed a lot more improvement and it lasted even longer this time. That was me convinced then that it was the best thing for the dog.
Now for price. The vets wanted twice the amount of what viopet wanted. It was a no brainer for me to get a prescription. The vets were fantastic and said they'd happily provide.
so, Demon is much happier and moving around a lot more freely which mean she is enjoying life more. I cannot be more happy for him.

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45 librela
Verified Purchase

By on 28 April 2022

good price, too early to evaluate effectiveness

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55 Wonder drug
Verified Purchase

By on 26 April 2022

Vet prescribed this in Oct/Nov last year, it is so effective there were problems even for the vet getting the size we needed, so ended up paying for a larger vial with wastage each time. It was costing £75+ per month, now even with the prescription charge it works out just over £45 a month. The difference it has made to our 12 year old who has issues with her elbows, along with both cruciate repaired with plates us astonishing - but we know when the next ones due as she starts.limping...

Customer recommends this product

45 chosen on advice of cet.
Verified Purchase

By on 24 April 2022

this was suggested by our vet as we were worried about side effects of other pain relief for our 10 yr. old labs shoulder injury. Does seem to be helping him, as walking looking more comfortable and limp seems less obvious.

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Librela® solution for injection for dogs, including answers from our team.

1 August 2022 at 4:04pm

Librela shelf life

Susan Ward

If I buy 2 x 5ml vials and only use one does the other one last for 4 weeks in the fridge

  • VioVet Staff

If stored according to the datasheet requirements within fridge then the medication will last until the expiry date stated on the vial itself. This is very likely to be beyond 4 weeks, more likely to be over a year.

15 June 2022 at 6:20pm

Post in temperature controlled packing


Could you please tell me if the temperature controlled package is letter box friendly for this item or will I need to be in to accept delivery ?
Many thanks.

  • VioVet Staff

A person will need to be present to accept this package upon delivery as it is temperature controlled and must be stored straight in the fridge upon arrival. Our temperature controlled packaging ensures the correct refridgerated temperatures are maintained for upto 24 to 48 hours and the delivery service for this product is next day (within 24 hours) to ensure delivery within this time.

10 June 2022 at 7:42pm

Large breed over 80kg


I have a very large st bernard with arthritis in his elbows. He is over 80 kg. Is this suitable for large breeds

  • VioVet Staff

Yes, the datasheet states the following:
For dogs above 60 kg, the contents of more than one vial are required to administer a single dose. In those cases, withdraw the content from each required vial into the same syringe and administer as a single subcutaneous injection (2 ml).

Your prescribing vet will be able to advise on what size of vials you require.

4 June 2022 at 12:11pm

Do you supply syringe

Marjorie McAnish

Do you supply or where can I get a syringe to give my dog her Librela

  • VioVet Staff

This medication does not come with needles or syringes, these can be purchased separately from our website though. It is recommended to use 2.5ml syringes with 23G 5/8 inch needles for the average dog. If you need product recommendations then please get in touch at [email protected]

1 June 2022 at 5:27pm

Librela and Modulis

Janice Parr

  • VioVet customer since 2015
  • From: Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Can Librela be given to a dog on Modulis 100mg?

  • VioVet Staff

The datasheet for Librela states that 'No interactions were observed in field studies where this veterinary medicinal product was administered concomitantly with veterinary medicinal products containing parasiticides, antimicrobials, topical antiseptics with or without corticosteroids, antihistamines and vaccines.'
There is no specific mention of drugs like Modulis 100mg, however there is no reason to assume they will interact. It is worth running this question past your prescribing vet too though as they will need to prescribe the medication to you.

1 June 2022 at 7:11am

Is it 15mg in each vial?

Emma D'sylva

Hi I just want to clarify that if I get a prescription for 15mg and order the 2 vials will I be getting 2 individual doses of 15mg or do the 2 vials make up to 15mg? My dog weighs around 32kg.

What do I need to get the vet to put on the prescription as its 2 vials on here.

  • VioVet Staff

This medication is sold in packs of 2 vials. The dose your dog needs must be determined by your vet, but for most animals only 1 vial of a specific size is required per month. Therefore each pack contains 2 doses.
Your vet will write on your prescription however many vials they feel safe you having before requesting a new script. We can only dispense in minimum packs of 2 so they will need to prescribe at least 2 vials for us to dispense to you.

30 May 2022 at 6:35pm

Giving injection


Can I inject my dog myself?

  • VioVet Staff

Yes but only if your vet instructs you on how to do this safely, it is best discussing this with them. It is important you follow all the dosing instructions from your vet as this is a prescription medication.

23 May 2022 at 11:31am


M Mcanish

Do you sell syringes to give dog her Librela

  • VioVet Staff

Yes we sell syringes and needles that can be used for Librela separately. If you would like further advice on which ones to order then please get in touch at [email protected] with your dog's breed and weight so we can suggest appropriate options.

17 May 2022 at 12:11pm

Time span

Ken Drew

  • VioVet customer since 2022
  • From: West Sussex, United Kingdom

what is the maximum time span between injections.

  • VioVet Staff

This is a prescription only medication so you will need to contact your prescribing vet for any advise regarding dose changes. The datasheet states that monthly repeat dosing is advised.

15 May 2022 at 12:21pm


Anne Marie Summerell

  • VioVet customer since 2022
  • From: Vale of Glamorgan , United Kingdom

Does Librela come with the appropriate syringes?

  • VioVet Staff

This medication does not come with needles or syringes. The average dog will need 2.5ml syringes with 23G 5/8inch needles as this medication is injected subcutaneously most commonly in 1ml quantities.

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