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Johnson's House Flea Spray

  • 250ml Spray £3.98
  • 400ml Spray £3.83

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Quick, simple and effective, this House Flea Spray kills canine and feline fleas in carpets, soft furnishings and soft bedding. Containing synthetic Pyrethroids, House Flea Spray is not suitable for use directly on flea infested animals but is a powerful insecticide that is ideal for use on their soft furnishings.

Directions for use

Remove pets and children before spraying and do not breathe spray. Spray from 38cm any such places which animals frequent, also carpet edges, cracks and crevices. Spray for 8 seconds per square metre of surface. Leave the room for 30 minutes then air thoroughly. Spray weekly or as required and vacuum regularly

Do not handle fabrics before dry and air thoroughly before use. For indoor use only, do not apply directly to animals.

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24th Aug 2015

If the dog come in contact with spray can it make her lose fur

  • Non-Executive Director

This spray would be very unlikely to cause any fur loss. If this has happened, then flea bites would be a more common cause, but obviously your vet will be able to advise you.


7th Apr 2015

What side effects can it cause if u inhale this product

  • Non-Executive Director

Good question! As a general principle it is best to avoid inhaling any aerosol product. This would even include personal deodorants etc. Any inhaled product will potentially be absorbed into the body. All approved products, such as this flea spray, are regarded as non-toxic at the levels which are expected to occur in normal use. This means that it is expected that the operator will be exposed to the ingredients of the aerosol and this will not for normal people have any known significant effect. Some asthmatics or people with unusual sensitivities to the contents might react adversely, but that would be rare.

Personally I would regard this as a potential, small concern. I would use the product then leave the room and close the door until it has all settled to the floor. Then opening doors and windows will clear the air, leaving the effective ingredients on the floor etc. In truth we live in a polluted world, with faint traces of all sorts of things in our food, water and even the air we breathe. Fortunately none of these are having a bad effect on us as far as we know. Good idea to minimise them all, but then perhaps not worry about what is unlikely to be a problem.