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Johnson's Bitch Spray for Dogs

  • 150ml Aerosol £3.29

Johnson's Bitch Spray helps to ease the attention on bitches in season by discouraging the unwanted attention from other dogs. It is made up of a mixture of herbal oils which disguise the oestrus odours of a bitch in season. Can also be used with Bitch Deodorant Tablets.

Directions for use

Shake can before use. Spray from about 30cm (12"); apply a half-second spray to each side of hind quarters, also under hind legs and base of tail. Use twice daily, particularly before exercising, when the bitch should be kept on a lead to avoid any undue risk. If possible, commence spraying 2 - 3 days before season starts and continue daily until several days after termination. Also spray around doors and gates of house.

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Bitch spray

21st Aug 2015

Does bitch spray work with a male in the same house

  • Non-Executive Director

Yes to some extent, but depending on lots of factors, life might still be difficult. This is mostly down to how "randy" the male is. This varies enormously between different breeds and also individuals within the same breed. You can certainly try it, but keeping them in different places is the best thing if possible.