Itrafungol Oral Solution for Cats

Itrafungol Oral Solution for Cats
52mls with Syringe

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  • 52mls with Syringe £78.99


Itrafungol is used to treat ringworm (a fungal infection of the skin usually causing scaling and hair loss). It is supplied as a liquid to be given directly into the back of the mouth using the syringe provided. Accurate dosing is possible as long as the cat has been weighed first. A dose is given once daily for 7 days. This treatment is then repeated on alternate weeks so that treatment is given on week1, week 3 and week 5. No treatment is given on week 2 or week 4. Ideally medication is given on an empty stomach to improve absorption.

Ringworm produces spores which can persist in the environment for 18 months, so it is important to sterilise grooming equipment and bedding as much as possible. Ringworm can sometimes affect humans too, so operators should wear gloves and wash hands after handling infected cats. Clipping the hair on cats improves the chances of successful treatment.

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By on 4 November 2015

Really Excellent service, spot on advice and they really do what they say. Well don viovet.

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Itrafungol Oral Solution for Cats, including answers from our team.

7 May 2022 at 1:42am

Is Itraconzole Safe....

Patrick Johnson

Is Itrafungol/Itraconzole safe to prescribe to Dwarf Hamsters with Ringworm? He has some underlying problems with his kidneys (genetic). Do vets normally prescribe Itrafungol to very small animals like Dwarf Hamsters?

  • VioVet Staff

There are no licensed anti-fungal treatments in hamsters and so medications for use in other species are often used off license, such as Itrafungol. It is recommended you run this question past your vet so they can explain their choice of medication.

1 March 2017 at 11:40pm

Does Melaseb work with Itrafungol?


My cat had a 6 week course of Itrafungol treatment which didn't work. She is now on her second course and I am shampooing her with Melaseb, as advised by my vet. I've read that Melaseb and Itrafugol aren't compatible and Melaseb will reduce the effects of Itrafungol. Is there any truth in this?

Also, how many courses of Itrafungol are safe for the cat? My cat's ears still look problematic and I fear she will have a positive culture when her second course is complete. I am religiously cleaning everything.

Many thanks.

  • VioVet Staff

"In some cases, a prolonged time between clinical and mycological cure may be observed. In cases where a positive culture is obtained 4 weeks after the end of administration, the treatment should be repeated once at the same dosage regimen." I have taken this off the data sheet so it is ok that your cat is having a second course of treatment. I think if the cat wasn't showing any adverse side effects on the Itrafungol and liver enzymes (checked by a quick blood sample) were not raised then even a 3rd course of treatment would in fact be fine. Since Itrafungol is an oral solution and Malaseb is a shampoo I would be very doubtful that using Malaseb would be counter productive- in my experience this has never been the case and I would agree with your vet that using it is a good idea. I hope this helps.

3 July 2014 at 1:32pm



I have a question about the dosage. I have two kittens weighing 5kg and 2.5kg respectively. I am drawing up Itrafungol to 5 and 2.5 for each as instructed to by the vet. Is this the correct dosage? The part that confuses me is the instructions stating 5mg / kg body weight. The bottle contains 10mg per ml so does that mean I am giving them twice the amount or is it already worked out based on the syringe corresponding to their weight? Confused :( Thanks in advance.

  • VioVet Staff

The syringe is calibrated according to bodyweight of cat. This might seem a bit odd, but is designed to make it easy. The syringe provided shows graduations per 100 gram of body weight. Fill the syringe by pulling the plunger until it reaches the graduation corresponding to the correct body weight of the cat. If you are doing this, all will be well. (You normally treat on weeks 1, 3 and 5, missing out weeks 2 and 4.

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