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Hepatosyl Plus Liver Support

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Hepatosyl Plus is an extensively used nutritional supplement in veterinary medicine and has been specially developed to aid optimal liver function. Available in fragrant and palatable capsules which can be administered whole or opened and sprinkled onto food. Hepatosyl Plus can support hepatic function in any circumstance where liver function is reduced or liver damage is suspected. This includes before and after general anaesthetic, after possible cases of poisoning or toxin ingestion, or any conditions where a boost for the liver might be required.

Hepatosyl is suitable for Dogs & Cats, as well as many other species. It contains s-adenosylmethionine, silybin (as found in Milk Thistle) and Vitamin E

Feeding Guidelines

Hepatosyl Plus

Recommended daily amount = 18mg/kg/day

Body Weight (kg) 50mg Capsules 100mg Capsules 200mg Capsules
0 - 4 1 Capsule
4 - 7 2 Capsules 1 Capsule
7 - 13 2 Capsules 1 Capsule
13 - 20 3 Capsules
20 - 28 4 Capsules 2 Capsules
28 - 38 3 Capsules
Over 38 4 Capsules

Capsules may be given whole or opened and mixed with food. The Extra small 50mg capsules are specially for cats.

  • Anaesthetic support - administer for one week prior to and following anaesthesia
  • Long-term use - administer once daily for 2-3 months and then reduce to every other day for long-term maintenance

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Questions & Answers for Hepatosyl Plus Liver Support

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Hepatosyl Plus Liver Support, including answers from our team.

Ask Your Own Question

What dose to use?

28th Sep 2015
Sophie Crease
  • VioVet Customer Since: September 2015
  • From: Leicestershire, United Kingdom

What dose would I need for my boxer. She currently weighs 26.9kg and was diagnosed with liver disease after having chemo treatment. They believe the damage was caused by the steroids. My battle currently is for her to keep food down as she us committing all the time. I read a review on these which gave me hope....

  • Non-Executive Director

I would recommend you give 400mg daily (2 of 200mg tablets).

If she is vomiting a lot your vet might be able to offer something to help control this (the most effective drug is prescription only so you need to talk to your vet).

Hepatosyl versus Samylin

20th Aug 2015

My toy poodle is 11 and he has multi organ chronic inflammation. He is currently on samylin but with all his other meds I cannot afford to continue it long term.
Is hepatosyl a good alternative ? It is half the price and from what I can understand he would only need it every other day long term.
If samylin is much better could I give this every other day long term ? He is a 4.6kg.

Many thanks

  • Non-Executive Director

The products are very similar and there is very little difference in the ingredients they contain. I am not aware of any scientific trials conducted to compare the two products so it is not possible to say with certainty, but I believe you would be OK to switch to Hepatosyl. You should check with your own vet too.


4th Oct 2014

my dog has been taking hepatosyl,for 3 1/2, months,his liver enzymes are down,but not normal yet,how long can I continue,giving 1, 50mg caps for,can I continue for a long period of time yet,without any side effects,thankyou

  • Web Developer

It is recommended to give one capsule daily for 2-3 months then reduce to every other day for long-term maintenance.

Chronic cholecystitis

4th Jan 2014
Ioana Bena
  • VioVet Customer Since: August 2009
  • From: Hunedoara, Romania

Is Hepatosyl suitable for the treatment/management of chronic cholecystitis (in a cat that moreover has a chronic kidney failure)?

  • Non-Executive Director

Hepatosyl should be helpful for a cat like this. Any problem which puts the liver under strain can potentially be helped. The kidney failure is a complication which is more difficult to take into account. I would not expect the Hepatosyl to have any direct effect on the kidneys. It is important that a cat like this continues to eat and drink regularly and adequately so it is important not to do anything (such as adding medication to food) which significantly puts the cat off eating. However if these basic requirements are not influenced negatively, the Hepatosyl should be fine.

Hepatosyl and milk thistle for liver trouble

16th Dec 2013
Brenda Connor

My miniature schnauzer is on destolit and hepatosyl for a liver bile problem which causes her to have fits occasionally
I have been reading about the benefits of milk thistle and would like to know if it would be ok to take along with the other medications.

  • Non-Executive Director

Hepatosyl is designed to take the place of Milk Thistle. Hepatosyl is a standardised and regulated product, containing 3 active ingredients, one of which is based on the naturally occurring but randomly variable wild plant. This active ingredient of both products is the same.

I doubt if it would be unsafe to use both together because it is pretty much non-toxic, but I also doubt if you would get any extra benefit. I would continue as you have been.