Harrison's Bird Bread Mix

Harrison's Bird Bread Mix
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Harrison's Bird Bread Mix is a premium, certified organic bread mix which can be baked at home for your pet birds. It can be used as a healthy alternative to home prepared bird food, and be offered instead of table food.


  • Can be used to assist in converting birds to a formulated diet
  • Can be hidden as a foraging reward
  • Can be used as a vehicle for administering liquid medications
  • Provides an easy-to-use transition for hospitalized or boarding birds until acceptance of the appropriate formulated diet
  • Can be moistened and offered to birds that are feeding chicks as a soft food
  • Can be used as a weaning food to transition to a formulated diet


Harrison's Bird Foods (Adult Lifetime Coarse & Fine, High Potency Coarse & Fine), Grey Millet, Sweet Corn, Baking Powder, (aluminum-free) calcium carbonate.

*indicates organic ingredient


Crude protein (min.) 14%, crude fat (min.) 9%, crude fiber (max.) 5%, moisture (max.) 10%.


  • May make up to 30% of the daily diet
  • For maximum nutrition, use one .5 oz (15ml) Packet Sunshine Factor (certified organic palm fruit oil) instead of cooking oil when baking
  • Preheat oven to 350°F (177°C)
  • Combine entire bag of mix with 2 whole organic eggs - no shell (remove yolk for less fat), 1 Packet (15 ml) Sunshine Factor® or other high quality organic vegetable oil, and 1 cup (235 ml) water
  • Fill greased bread pan or muffin tins and bake for 25-35 minutes
  • Do not bake in nonstick (PTFE-coated) cookware, as the fumes are toxic to birds
  • If prepared with the addition of fruits, vegetables or nuts, Bird Bread should be considered a "treat" and fed only in limited quantities (no more than 10% of the daily food allotment when combined with all other treats)
  • Can be served warm
  • Some flavorings (vanilla, maple) or herbs can be added as long as they do not change the nutritional content
  • Bird Bread can be stored for 1 week in the refrigerator and up to 6 weeks in the freezer after baking
  • Baked Bird Bread can be divided into portions, wrapped in plastic wrap and placed back in the original Harrison's Bird Foods bag for storage in the freezer
  • Bird Bread should not be reheated in a plastic container

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55 Great for fussy eaters!!
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By on 23 January 2015

When I got one of my cockatiels she had a really severe vitamin A deficiency and I was told she had to have a pellet diet.

Leia was a seed junky when she arrived only eating millet from her seed mix so it's been really hard getting any type of pellet in to her... I've tried harrisons high potency super fine and the mash both have just been ignored so I thought try the bread.

The bread itself already has millet in the mix and corn which she does eat. I made it with the sunshine factor for the extra vitamins a dash of tabasco then sprinkled her usual seed mix on top and pushed it in a little so she couldn't just pick of the seed then baked it in muffin cases.

After they cooled I cut one in half and put it in her seed bowl and to my surprise she actually ate it and enjoyed it!! Ok she pulled a few faces at first and gave me a couple of hisses but she ate the entire half.

Baked plain like mine was it can be used to make up 30% of the diet or you can add fruits nuts or veg and feed as a treat it will also keep once baked for 6 weeks in the freezer I can't see mine lasting that long as my other cockatiel and lovebirds enjoyed it too.

I could never recommend this product enough and hopefully Leias health will improve a lot faster now she is actually eating what she needs and maybe VioVet could source the 2 other flavors (hot pepper&flax+millet) for her to try.

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