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Summary of Reviews for Harrison's Adult Lifetime Fine Bird Food

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55 Harrison’s adult lifetime
Verified Purchase

By Kotono Sakamoto on 24 May 2018


Customer recommends this product

55 I Highly recommend this bird food
Verified Purchase

By Attika Girard on 20 March 2018

This is excellent food for everyday nutrition for parrots and big parakeets. I mix it with High Potency Fine and add a few bigger "chunk size" (High Potency Coarse) to treat them. In fact you only need to serve a very small amout each day, it's very concentrated. Moreover since these birds waste alot. I found out about this nutrition from a famous vet who cares for the animals (and specially the birds) in a safari zoo in France. My parrot was about to die over 10 years ago when I brought it to him and he first saved it and then explained to me how it got so sick: it was because of the commercial mixture food I fed it, the one that is found in pet shops. From then on, with the Harrison's food products, both my parrot and my big parakeet have excellent health! I highly recommend it to everyone! My only regret is that it's extremeny hard to find! and I must admit, quite expensive.

Customer recommends this product

55 Recommended by my Avian vet
Verified Purchase

By Elizabeth Maisonpierre on 30 August 2017

This product was recommended by my avian vet as an excellent low fat diet which helps to avoid diabetes in birds. My original two cockatiels developed diabetes because they were on an ordinary seed mix and became very ill and after being put on this diet it corrected their symptoms and they actually lived healthily and happily for another two years afterwards which was a bit of a miracle seeing as they were so ill. Now I feed all my cockatiels on this food and, after initially a few pursed beaks! (I half crush the pellets with a hand blender to give a variety of textures and so they don't try to de-shell them). they love it-and I don't have to worry about this illness anymore.

Customer recommends this product

55 My parrot loves it!!
Verified Purchase

By Rachael Gray on 15 February 2017

This food keeps my parrot fit and healthy his feathers and in good condition with no stress markers.
I do recommend it to anyone!!
However always consult your vet before changing your food as some birds have different requirements and depending on the age and health of the bird they may require a specific Harrison's bird food, but this was recommended to me by an avian veterinarian specialist. It's very good!

Customer recommends this product

55 Balanced Food
Verified Purchase

By Victoria on 8 February 2016

My birds were eating a good quality seed diet along with some Harrisons high potency and fresh fruit, veg and sprouted seeds. However, one of them developed health problems. So I decided to switch them to Harrisons as their main food. As they had been on the high potency for the recommended time, I eventually changed it to the Lifetime Fine.

They are now eating this along with their fresh food, and only get 2 tablespoons of seed mix twice a week as a treat (between 6 of them). They love the Harrisons pellet food.

To originally convert them to pellets, I started by grinding the pellets to a powder, wetting their seed mix and sprinkling the pellet powder all over the damp seeds. Over time I decreased the amount of seed mix and increased the amount of pellets. Eventually they would just eat the whole pellets.

The pellets are expensive when feeding a lot of birds, but hopefully this is offset by them being healthier and needing less vet interventions over their lifetime.

Customer recommends this product

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