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Hagen Faunarium Reptile Vivarium

  • Large » 36 x 21 x 16cm £12.52


These are rectangular containers for housing and transporting reptiles. Each container is easy to clean and has a well ventilated, self-locking lid with a viewing and feeding window. Suitable for small animal nurseries, as a reptile breeding box, quarantine or many other situations.

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Bearded dragon transport

8th Apr 2014
Carolina Simmons
  • VioVet Customer Since: June 2013
  • From: Kent, United Kingdom

Could I use this to transport a baby bearded dragon from the seller to his new home in the same town?
Also up to what size/age of dragon could it be used to transport to the local vet?

Richard Spratley
  • Web Developer

They are suitable for transporting adult dragons for a small period of time, but obviously not kept in them. The large Faunarium should be suitable for most adult dragons.