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Gold Label Green Lipped Mussel for Horses

  • 450g Pot £15.49

Gold Label Green Lipped Mussel can be used to support healthy, pain free muscles in horses. Naturally occurring Chondroitin, fatty acids and Gamma Linolenic Acids help to lubricate joints, provide shock absorption in the cartilage and elasticity in the ligaments.

Each measure contains 1.5g of pure New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel extract mixed with a carrot powder base for palatability.

Feeding guidelines

Feed 2 x 15g measures daily for 10 days, then 1 x 15g measure after.

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26th Sep 2017
Carrol Nichols

Can this be given to dogs?

  • Veterinary Advisor

This product is intended for horses so I cannot recommend that you give it to your dog. However, green lipped mussel is used in many dog joint supplements so would be unlikely to cause a problem. If you are looking for a cost effective joint supplement for your dog then you could try our own Joint Force which is specially formulated for dogs and contains green lipped mussel.

Horses that have tyed up

1st Apr 2016
Nicola Hooper
  • VioVet Customer Since: April 2015
  • From: Somerset, United Kingdom

Is this product ok for horses that have tyed up

  • Non-Executive Director

This product should be perfectly OK for such horses, though it is unlikely to help directly either. I would expect it to be neutral to this condition.

Suitable for laminitics

6th Mar 2015

Is this product suitable/Safe for laminitics or cushing horses with also joint issues?

  • Non-Executive Director

Green-lipped mussels had a very low carbohydrate content compared with other foods given to horses and so They should not be a problem for laminitic or Cushingoid horses. I think you will be safe to use this supplement, though it is sensible to introduce any dietary change gradually for horses prone to laminitis. I would give a low dose at first and build up to teh recommended dose over about a week.