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Frusemide (Furosamide) Tablets for Dogs & Cats

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Frusemide (also called furosamide) is a diuretic used to clear excess fluid from the body. Frusemide is particularly helpful in cases of mild, moderate or severe heart failure. When the heart is not able to pump blood around the body as effectively as it should, diuretics help to reduce an unhelpful build up of fluid in the body, making the blood circulation more efficient.

Long term use can be associated with low blood levels of potassium. Where this occurs, potassium supplementation is recommended. Overdose will cause dehydration.

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Questions & Answers for Frusemide (Furosamide) Tablets for Dogs & Cats

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Frusemide (Furosamide) Tablets for Dogs & Cats, including answers from our team.

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27th Nov 2014
Yvonne Whitley-Jones
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2014
  • From: West Sussex, United Kingdom

If I'm ordering more than 1 product which needs a prescription do I need to ask my vet for 2 separate prescriptions or can 2 items go on the one prescription. My vet charges for prescriptions so I would prefer if possible to put 2 products on 1 prescription and pay for the one prescription if the vet is agreeable.

  • Non-Executive Director

Charging for prescriptions is up to your vet. Some vets are very helpful, some are deliberately unhelpful. Your vet is able to put as many drugs onto one prescription as he/she chooses, but some prefer to write out separate prescriptions per drug (one can wonder why!). They can also prescribe as much or as little as they think is reasonable on one prescription. Up to 6 months worth is the usual guideline, but again this is not legally defined and so is down to your vet.

Size of Frusemide tablet

27th Nov 2014
Yvonne Whitley-Jones
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2014
  • From: West Sussex, United Kingdom

One of my cats is on a 10mg tablet of Frusemide daily. I have to use a pill cutter to chop in half to give him half in the morning and half in the evening . Firstly do you sell 10mg tablets and secondly is the 20mg tablet large enough to be cut into 4? Thanks.

  • Non-Executive Director

We do not sell 10mg tablets. 20mg frusemide tablets are very small, so quartering would be difficult. Normally for a 5mg dose, I would recommend using a liquid form of frusemide. This can then be measured very easily by syringe and a few drops of the liquid added to food. Frusol is an example, available in 4mg/ml solution, so 1 .25mls would be the dose here.


9th Aug 2013
Toni Hipkiss
  • VioVet Customer Since: August 2013
  • From: , Australia

Today I have placed an order for FRUSEMIDE. The invoice shows 1 tablet at 03 pence. I need a box of 50 x 40 mg.

Is this item available and if so can my order be changed ?

Thank you.

Toni Hipkiss

  • Professionals Club Manager

Thank you for your question and order. We sell these tablets per tablet as some customers do not want a whole box. We have changed your order to 50 tablets, which will be dispatched as a whole box. I hope this helps answer your question. There is a balance payable for the extra 49 tablets, which we will send you a Paypal request for.