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Feliway Friends

Feliway Friends Feliway Friends Feliway Friends
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Living in a multi-cat home can be difficult, especially when conflict arises. Feliway Friends is the only clinically proven product to help reduce conflicts and aggression between housemate cats. Featuring a synthetic copy of the cat appeasing pheromone (CAP) which is naturally produced by the mother after giving birth, it helps to create a bond between mother and kitten, and creates a harmonious environment where her kittens feel safe. Feliway Friends has the same effect when used in the home and has been shown to help housemate cats live in harmony together.

Feliway Friends is available as a 30 day plug in diffuser and refill. The diffuser should be plugged into the room where the cat spends most of its time. Continue to use the product until conflicts subside.

Product Information

1 Month Refill - contains one 48ml refill

Starter Kit - contains one plug-in diffuser and 48ml refill

Signs of conflict and aggression:

  • Fighting
  • Staring / stalking at each other
  • Hissing, growling, spitting
  • Blocking each other

There can also be less visible signs of conflict such as:

  • Fleeing from housemate cats
  • Avoidance in response to housemate cat
  • One cat remaining hidden

Key features

• FELIWAY® FRIENDS is the new product of the FELIWAY® brand which is the number one in the behavioural range.

• Only product clinically proven to help reduce conflicts and aggression between housemate cats.

• Results can be seen in one week

• Covers area 50-70m2

Additional advice:

Alongside using FELIWAY® FRIENDS we also recommend the following:

  • Ensure that you have enough food bowls for all the cats in your household. Place the bowls at different heights to avoid all the cats eating in the same place (you can utilise tops of shelves or chairs for example).
  • Make sure you have a litter tray for each cat in the household plus 1 extra in different places around your home. It is important to check your cat’s preferences as older cats may not be able to access the same litter trays as easily as younger more agile cats.
  • Provide escape routes that are available all the time for your cats, as well as hiding places for them to bolt to should they need them. Remember, when a cat is stressed, scared or wants some privacy, they like areas they can go to that are warm, quiet, safe and most importantly where they can be alone.
  • To avoid any unwanted cat visitors entering your home, you can fit a microchip cat flap that will only allow your cats in and out of the household.

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25 Not convinced it works
Verified Purchase

By on 31 December 2019

One of my cats is very alpha male and bullies my two female cats. He doesn't hurt them, but he definitely scares them. After using the product for a month we haven't seen a difference in his or their behaviour. I've got a refill so I'll carry on for another month, quite disappointed.

Customer does not recommend this product

55 Satisfied customer
Verified Purchase

By on 21 September 2019

Works good to help my 3 cats live in harmony.

Customer recommends this product

45 Great product
Verified Purchase

By on 4 September 2019

I have four cats that I have rescued at different times, and this product helps keep the cats calm, and reduces territorial anxiety.

Customer recommends this product

45 We have a new cat that seems to want to live with us, and was causing our cat ted some stress, but since using this feliway product things seem to be much calmer now
Verified Purchase

By on 9 April 2019

Well it does seem to be working as it suggests it should

Customer recommends this product

45 Feliway friends diffuser
Verified Purchase

By on 21 March 2019

Before buying this product,my male cat was very unpredictable in his behaviour towards our female cat,who is already timid by nature.Sometimes he would play with or wash her and then he would turn round the next minute and bite and chase her.Although it's early days yet,his behaviour sees to of calmed down and he hasn't been bullying her as much.

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Feliway Friends, including answers from our team.

25 October 2016 at 7:49am

Feliway vs feliway friends?

Emma Dahm

  • VioVet customer since 2015
  • From: Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

What's the difference between feliway friends and classic feliway? Are the pheromones different?

  • VioVet Staff

Yes the pheromones are different. Feliway Friends contains a Cat Appeasing Pheromone to help cats in multicat households accept each other where classic Feliway is a synthetic copy of the Feline Facial Pheromone to helps cats feel comfortable and safe at home.

7 August 2016 at 6:33pm

Classic Feliway Diffuser?


  • VioVet customer since 2009
  • From: Durham, United Kingdom

Will the refill fit my Feliway Classic diffuser or have I got to buy new complete starter kit?

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Dorri-ann,

Yes, the current Feliway refills are the same design as the old ones, but they manufacturer updated the colour.

It is still recommended that you replace the diffuser plug-in every 6 months, so if you have a classic one left over and know it was has not been used for a total of 6 months, it should still work effectively when your refill arrives.