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Equistro Kerabol Biotin For Horses

  • 1kg Tub £36.99

A unique complex of D-biotin, methionine and IPALIGO® zinc for healthy hair and hoof growth in combination with organic selenium and IPALIGO® manganese.

Nutritional value:

D-Biotin (the most bioactive isomer of Biotin) is an essential component for numerous enzyme systems associated

with growth, bone development and epidermal tissue integrity.
Methionine, as an essential amino acid, plays a role in cysteine synthesis, the major rate-limiting amino acid for keratin
synthesis. Zinc, a component of more than 200 enzymes, vital for overall cellular function. D-Biotin, methionine and
zinc are vital to maintain healthy skin and coat. Selenium and manganese constitute important powerful biological

Recommended administration:

Add KERABOL BIOTIN to the feed. Administer daily, can be used long term, for further advice consult your veterinary surgeon.
Adult horses: Standard sized horses (500 kg) 1 scoop (= 15 g) per day
Light horses: 1/2 scoop (= 7.5 g) per day
Ponies: 1/4 scoop (= 3.75 g) per day
Foals: Half of the above administration
Due to presence of trace elements with maximum set limits, administration must
not exceed 200g/500kg horse/day. Vetoquinol advocates the respect of local
and international rules for competition and horse racing.

Pack size:

• 1 kg pot with measuring scoop
• 3 kg bucket with measuring scoop

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Hair growth?

7th Aug 2015

Firstly, is this product what was formally known as BIOMETH-Z?
Secondly, will it help with mane and tail growth?
Thank you

  • Non-Executive Director

This product has indeed replaced the Biometh-Z product. It should be helpful for mane and tail growth, but the extent to which this is apparent varies from horse to horse.

Thoroughbred feet

30th Jan 2014
cynthia malton


I have a 14 yr old t/bred who has had very poor feet in the past, i have been recommended this supplement to help his hoof growth and hoof structure by a friend. can you advise on the why this product is the best for my problem of poor feet quality and growth.
He had terrible quarter cracks for nearly two years which are healed but has developed a surface crack down the centre of his near fore and at the outside quarter of the same hoof but he is still sound and the cracks do not go through all the layers of the hoof. I have tried various formula's in the past who have all said they are correct for my problem.
what makes this better? I need his feet to grow at a normal rate will this help?



ps my horse lives out all year round and is barefoot and under supervision of the farrier.
my contact number is 07790646274

  • Non-Executive Director

Biotin, methionine and zinc are the main supplements commonly given to help with the growth of hooves (as well as other keratin tissues). The Equistro product is a top quality preparation containing these compounds in an optimal form, so hopefully making them most easily absorbed and used by the horse. There is never any guarantee that any product will cure a problem such as the one you describe, but this Equistro product has a very good chance of being highly beneficial. You will have to use it for a long time before it has had chance to be fully effective. If it helps, you should use it permanently. It is also important to try and provide optimal hoof care in every other way, including regular attention from a good farrier.