Effipro Spot On Flea Treatment for Dogs & Cats

Effipro Spot On Flea Treatment for Dogs & Cats
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Effipro is the practical, more affordable flea and tick treatment choice for your pet, available without a veterinary prescription. With a new formulation of Fipronil, the same tried and trusted active ingredient as the world famous leading brand, you can protect your pet with confidence, without breaking the bank. Effipro has a unique, clear, non-drip pipette, thanks to its ‘drop lock’ technology, meaning you can apply the product with greater control, less mess and fuss. You can also be sure you have applied all of the solution to your animal because of the clear pipette, so providing better protection. Effipro will cover dogs against fleas for 8 weeks, and against ticks for 4 weeks. Cats benefit from 5 weeks flea protection and 2 weeks tick protection. Effipro also provides a more flexible solution than traditional flea and tick treatments, as you can purchase as many or a few pipettes as you require to treat your pets. The best value flea and tick treatment we have. Veterinary prescription NOT required. Recommended to be applied every 4 weeks.

In addition to this flea treatment you may require an additional household spray like Indorex Flea Spray to combat fleas which may not have yet hatched or dormant fleas in and around the house. It is imperative to start treating fleas before there is any chance of a population build-up in the background. Very commonly people think that flea treatment is not working when they are expecting too much of the product. Most of the flea population lives off the pet and can act as a reservoir for your pets for a long time if it is allowed to get out of hand.

Please take care not to let the product come into contact with varnished or other household surfaces. The alcohol carrier in the product may have adverse effects on these surfaces. Allow the products to fully dry before allowing the animal contact with these surfaces and do not put used pipettes on them.

Administer by topical application to the skin: 1 pipette of 0.5 ml per cat. 1 pipette of 0.67 ml per dog weighing over 2 kg and up to 10 kg bodyweight 1 pipette of 1.34 ml per dog weighing over 10 kg and up to 20 kg bodyweight 1 pipette of 2.68 ml per dog weighing over 20 kg and up to 40 kg bodyweight 1 pipette of 4.02 ml per dog weighing over 40 kg and up to 60 kg bodyweight For dogs over 60 kg use two pipettes of 2.68 ml.

Effipro Spot-On is an effective treatment for the prevention of fleas and ticks. It is based on a new formula of the tried-and-tested agent Fipronil, an insecticide and acaricide belonging to the phenylpyrazole family, which is recognised to be active against fleas and ticks, killing fleas within 24 hour and ticks usually within 48 hours. Fipronil action is fast, effective, and provides lasting protection. Fipronil-based Effipro is also practical and affordable. Effipro can be used on Kittens and Puppies from 2 months of age and/or weighing more than 1kg in bodyweight. Available in packs of 4 or 24 pipettes, Effipro is ideal for households with more than one cat or dog.

Effipro is supplied as an innovative drop-free Spot-on to help you avoid getting any liquid on your fingers when opening - it couldn't be easier.Effipro Spot On is administered to the skin on the back of the neck. Follow the instructions on the packet for correct application. Apply every four weeks to maintain flea cover. It is important to apply the dose to an area where the animal cannot lick off and to make sure that animals do not lick each other after treatment. Ensure that treated animals do not groom each other after treatment until dry.

Effipro does not prevent ticks from attaching to the animals. If the animal has been treated prior to exposure to the ticks, the ticks will be killed in the first 24-48 hours after attachment. This will usually be prior to engorgement, minimising but not excluding the risk of transmission of diseases. Once dead, ticks will often drop off the animal, but any remaining ticks may be removed with a gentle pull.


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55 excellent
Verified Purchase

By on 8 January 2024

Purchased as website recommended it as a cheaper option. very happy as it is great

Customer recommends this product

55 Does a good job
Verified Purchase

By on 7 December 2023

Have been using this product for the past six years and it does the job I would expect. There is a stronger one by this manufacturer which I have also used. All very effective.

Customer recommends this product

55 No more fleas
Verified Purchase

By on 6 December 2023

It's excellent thanks

Customer recommends this product

55 Did exactly what it said on the pack
Verified Purchase

By on 21 October 2023

Very good product,worked as it should do, after using another product that didn't work.

Customer recommends this product

25 Review
Verified Purchase

By on 19 October 2023

Not sure it worked

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Effipro Spot On Flea Treatment for Dogs & Cats, including answers from our team.

3 February 2023 at 9:57pm

Can it treat mites?


Can this product be used in place of stronghold to treat 'walking dandruff' / rabbit mites?

Thank you

  • VioVet Staff

Effipro is only licensed to treat/prevent fleas and ticks in dogs and cats. It is not licensed for use in rabbits, the active ingredient fipronil can actually be toxic to bunnies so we strongly advise not applying this to them.
If you wish to treat Cheyletiella (walking dandruff mites) in your rabbit over the counter then we advise ivermectin based spot ons such as Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On for Rabbits.

13 October 2021 at 8:24am

Ffipro for cats dosage

Alex Bruce

Good morning. Our vet prescribed Effipro for our kitten 1.1kg. There is no dosage info on the pack - will one pipette provide protection for an adult cat ^.5kg. Thank you.

  • VioVet Staff

The Effipro Spot On for cats is safe for use in kittens over 1kg and 2 months of age. It is dosed at 1 pipette per cat, regardless of size. This product will safely provide protection against fleas and ticks in your 1.1kg kitten, as long as they are over 2 months of age.

7 October 2021 at 9:41pm

Is it Waterproof

tara rees

How long are you not aloud to bathe or take swimming or generally get wet after application?

  • VioVet Staff

The datasheet for this product states the following:
Fipronil and pyriproxyfen may adversely affect aquatic organisms. Dogs
should be prevented from accessing streams and rivers for 48-hours
following treatment.

8 May 2021 at 10:35am



When last treated my dog, used ELIMINALL (fipronil)- dog got distressed, rolling about on grass to trying to remove it.
Would your product EFFIPRO be more suitable?

  • VioVet Staff

I recommend discussing this reaction with your vet to confirm it. Just rolling around in the grass may be that your dog does not like liquid spot on products. However if your dog definitely has an allergy to fipronil then I advise avoiding all fipronil based products. Effipro contains fipronil so I would avoid this. You can use flea treatments containing imidacloprid though, such as Advantage.

19 November 2020 at 12:32am

Effiro - pest life cycle

Julia Hartshorn

Does this product prevent eggs from hatching as well as killing ticks and adult fleas?

  • VioVet Staff

Effipro Spot On contains Fipronil which will kill fleas/lice/ticks but does not have an insect growth regulator in too, so will not prevent the larvae turning into adults. I recommend checking out Effipro Duo Spot On if you want a product with one of these in too. It contains Fipronil but also Pyriproxyfen which is an insect growth regulator.

7 May 2019 at 7:46am

What chemical is active one

Sue Pittendrigh

  • VioVet customer since 2018
  • From: Devon, United Kingdom

Is it Deosect chemical

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Sue,

No, Effipro does not contain the same chemical as Deosect.

Effipro contains fipronil and is licensed for the treatment of fleas and ticks in cats and dogs.

Deosect contains cypermethrin and the product is licensed for treating flies and lice in horses and donkeys.

I hope this answers your question!

24 August 2018 at 1:58pm

Sharing pipettes


  • VioVet customer since 2018
  • From: Málaga, Spain

Effipro Medium is stated to be shareable, but larger sizes are not! I suspect this is a mistake, but I don't understand why a product like this wouldn't be shareable (although it obviously isn't as profitable)! As I see it, my two 16 & 19kg dogs should be able to use a single 20-40kg dose.

  • VioVet Staff

Hi there,

Each dog requires a full dose of the product. There is just enough in each pipette to properly treat a single dog weighing between 20-40kg. If you split the dose in half and shared it between two dogs, you would be underdosing both and neither would be treated against fleas or ticks.

I hope this helps,


18 August 2017 at 11:06pm

Can this be used on nursing cat


Can this be used on a mother cat nursing kittens?

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Michelle,

Studies have not been carried out with this product in pregnant and lactating bitches. Use in pregnancy and lactation only in accordance with professional veterinary advice and a benefit/risk assessment.

Best wishes,


12 April 2016 at 6:01pm

Frequency of Application

Charlotte Hocking

  • VioVet customer since 2015
  • From: Wiltshire, United Kingdom

It states the idea is to be applied every 4 weeks but can it be used more frequently?

  • VioVet Staff

Sometimes it might be used more frequently, but legally that is classed as not in line with the official license, so only the vet genuinely responsible for the care of the animal is able to offer advice on this. As an online supplier, we are bound to stick to the terms of the license/data sheet. You should talk to your own vet about "off license" use.

23 March 2016 at 2:25pm

Effipro Dosage

mrs j

My dog weighs 20kg. Should I use the M pipette which says is for up to 20kg OR the large which says from 20kg. I will either be under or over dosing

  • VioVet Staff

Strictly the correct dose is the smaller pipette, which is for up to (and including) 20kg. The larger pipette is for "over 20kg" which your dog is not. In fact there is so much leeway on this that the dose is not critical and you could safely use either size. The main difference will be a few weeks after application. The the larger size will remain effective for longer, whereas the smaller size is more likely to be fading sooner. The guide is 8 weeks for fleas, 4 weeks for ticks. The higher dose is more likely to fully achieve these figures.

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