EasOtic Ear Drop for Dogs

EasOtic Ear Drop for Dogs
10ml Pump Bottle

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EasOtic is used to treat common types of ear trouble in dogs. It contains ingredients to kill the bacteria and yeasts (especially Malassezia) found in large numbers in most cases of canine otitis, as well as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce discomfort, swelling and further discharge within the ear canal. EasOtic is presented in a bottle with a pump action which quietly, comfortably and easily delivers the correct dose of medication (1ml) into the ear canal. Once daily dosing for 5 days is normally recommended. If there is a significant amount of wax or discharge within the ear canal, it is very helpful to use a water-based Ear cleaner first. Once the ear canal has been cleaned, it should be left to dry before EasOtic is applied. Sometimes it is also helpful to clip excess hair away from the opening to the ear canal first.

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Q & A

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25 September 2021 at 3:17pm

Ear treatment

Richard Kelly

Can I use easotic ear drops after ten days have passed? I still have half a bottle since my dogs last treatment, first used on 30/8/21 it should be discarded on 10/9/21 Expiry date is03/2022. Is it dangerous for my dog or does the strength of the drops become weaker through age. Many thanks, your help will be much. Appreciated. Mr R Kelly.

  • VioVet Staff

This is a prescription only medication so any use should be alongside your vet''s advice. I strongly recommend getting in touch with them to discuss it's use, if the infection has occured it may be that a different ear treatment is required.

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