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Dorwest Tree Barks Powder

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Intestinal disorders and digestive problems are quite common in pets, can be non-specific and may recur. The two powdered tree barks in this herbal nutritional supplement have a soothing effect on the digestive tract, slowing the passage of food and increasing absorption of nutrients, firming stools and easing discomfort.

The gentle action and ease of digestion of Tree Barks Powder means it is suitable for use in weaning, during recovery from illness and alongside medication in animals with conditions such as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. It’s also a good short term choice in animals experiencing bouts of diarrhoea and in the recovery period afterwards, providing relief from intestinal discomfort and for longer term recurrent problems.

for longer term recurrent problems.


Finely powdered slippery elm bark 90 % and white poplar bark 10 %


1 teaspoonful per 10 kgs bodyweight daily added to food, or live yoghurt, or mixed with liquid. Can be increased or given with each feed if required for more severe cases.

Due to the wide range of intestinal disorders, some of which may be serious, it is recommended that veterinary advice be sought before using this product or if the condition fails to improve.

Use short and long term


Use during pregnancy and lactation


Minimum age for use

From weaning


Can be given in conjunction with any medication

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100 g, 200 g, 400 g & 1 kg tubs

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Cat with Diarrhoea

28th May 2015

i have a 1 year old Maine coon cat who has diarrhea the motions are custard consistency and light brown he weighs about 17 lbs i have been giving him Dorwest Tree Barks Powder for 2 weeks now and only seen a slight improvement how much do you suggest that is the correct amount to be giving him ? can i give more that 1 teaspoon ?

  • Non-Executive Director

It sounds like your cat will need an different approach. I am not sure that the Tree Barks powder will be effective even at a higher dose given what you have said. Ideally he should see a vet who could check him over and make sure that there were no other obvious causes for this persistent diarrhoea. If nothing is found, then I would suggest changing the diet to something significantly different to what he is on now. There might not be anything "wrong" as such with the diet, but it is possible that he has developed a sensitivity or allergy to it, or in some other way it does not suit him. He should go on to a simple, good quality cat food based perhaps on either chicken or fish, but different from what he has been on. You could give him a probiotic too for a while and see how things went. If he has not had a worm dose for a while that should be done too. Failing all that, your vet could do some tests which might reveal an underlying cause, so that could be worth following up. I do think that 2 weeks is long enough to decide to try a completely different approach than the Tree Barks product, even though that can be of benefit.

How does it help anal gland leakage ?

29th Jan 2015

My 14 month old pug suffers from her anal glands not emptying and causes her a leaky bum, how will tree bark powder help ?

  • Non-Executive Director

This sounds like a slightly confused situation. Anal glands not emptying properly is common in some breeds, though can be helped sometimes by adding fibre to the diet, such as Protexin Pro-fibre. Anal gland trouble will not normally cause leakage from the anus, though anal gland contents themselves might well leak out (quite unpleasantly). The Tree Bark Powder is felt to help with many dietary problems but is very hit-and-miss. It does seem to help in many circumstances but there is not a clear scientific explanation of the mechanisms involved and undoubtedly it will not always help at all. It seems to be safe to try.


3rd Jul 2014
Betty Ross
  • VioVet Customer Since: December 2011
  • From: County Antrim, United Kingdom

My dog has started vomiting yellow bile, hungry but seems uncomfortable when he eats .
Blood tests etc all clear.
Acid reducing syrup from vet seems not to help.
He licks his lips a lot and looks sick.
Can you suggest any of your remedies which may help
Betty Ross

  • Non-Executive Director

Tree Barks Powder would be a good supplement to give your dog while you are trying to identify the problem. It is possible that with some help from supplements, your dog will get over the current condition. However it is also possible that there is still an underlying problem which would be best treated by a specific, well directed treatment. This can only happen with a proper diagnosis. Negative results so far just means of course that the cause has not been identified, it does not mean that there is nothing behind the symptoms you see. Referral to a specialist might be needed. Ideally you should try supplements but continue further investigation if symptoms persist. I would also try adding fresh ginger to his diet (the sort of amounts used to flavour oriental food) as well. This can reduce feelings of nausea in some cases, which it sounds like your dog is experiencing.