Denes Skin Balm

Denes Skin Balm
50g Tub

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Denes Skin Balm is based on a tried and tested traditional formulation including essential oils naturally derived from the Camphor Plant, Tea Tree and Poke Root. Denes Skin Balm is a soothing and relaxing balm that can be used to assist natural healing of the skin. Containing other hydrating botanical extracts, Denes Skin Balm is ideal for nourishing dry, damaged skin.

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55 Denes skin BLm
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By on 4 March 2022

I’ve used this product before and it’s excellent

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55 I love this product.I have recommended it to a lot of my friends
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By on 21 February 2017

This pet skin balm clears up most problems that my dogs and my friends dogs have had with their skin.

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55 A definite for your first aid box
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By on 27 February 2016

This is a good product to keep in your first aid box used it on my boy as had sore behind his ear cleared up in a couple of days. No side effects. I wouldn't be with out this.

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55 Great product.
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By on 4 November 2014

I have used this on allergies in the ear, on the paws and rear, and various stings. Have been using this for 10 years. Wouldn't be without it.

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Denes Skin Balm, including answers from our team.

2 January 2015 at 2:58pm

Feline dermatitis


Hi my cat has dermatitis and looses her hair in patches quite often. She is always cleaning herself and so her skin takes time to repair itself, will this balm harm my cat if she licks it off? Also will it sting her if I put it on her broken skin? Thank you

  • VioVet Staff

This product should be perfectly safe to use on your cat. It should help the skin unless it simply encourages her to lick the skin to remove it.

Cats which "over-groom" like this are usually causing the problem themselves. The hair is not falling out, they remove it with their rough tongues by repeated licking. If you examine the skin with a hand lens you will usually see fine stubble where the hairs have been broken off. (If hairs drop out, there is no stubble.) Hence it is not a skin problem as such, but is more akin to a person who repeatedly bites their nails. (If a cat like this is put into an "Elizabethan collar" they cannot reach the skin and the hair all grows back very nicely, though it is not the right or kind way to go about things. It proves a point though.) It is best to maintain very effective flea control (to help make sure the skin is not itchy) and to reduce stress for the cat (which encourages grooming as a self-comfort activity). After flea treatments, a Feliway diffuser is often the best treatment for cats with this type of skin problem, surprisingly enough.

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