DUCK Nature Box Complete Raw Dog Food Pure Life

DUCK Nature Box Complete Raw Dog Food Pure Life
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10 x (2 x 400g)

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We have been making natural food for dogs at DUCK since 1970. Just here in Belgium. We were the pioneers for frozen dog food on the Belgian market. More than 50 years later, we still stand for knowledge, trust and the best quality. We work every day to be the best frozen food on the market.

Giving your dogs fresh meat every day is affordable and very user-friendly with DUCK NATURE BOX.

EASY TO USE! A NATURE BOX box contains 8 kg (10 packs of 2 x 400 gr). Each portion of 2 x 400 grams is packed in a separate foil. This individual packaging is easy to open, both in frozen and thawed condition, and of course also recyclable.

Every dog ​​needs a limited amount of carbohydrates in its diet as an energy source, to promote intestinal transit and as a natural source of vitamins. In nature, in addition to the muscle meat, organs and bones of its prey, the dog will also ingest the pre-digested stomach contents. The stomach contents of the prey in nature always contain grains or crops. Especially for working dogs, sports dogs, nervous or stress-sensitive dogs, it is very important that the food does contain grains. These grains are a good source of sugars to help maintain blood sugar levels throughout the day. They get sugars from these grains that are crucial for their brains to function properly.

It is also essential for pregnant and lactating bitches that the diet provides a certain amount of carbohydrates. If the bitch gets too few carbohydrates during pregnancy and lactation, the survival chance of newborn puppies is small.

Today, grains, in general, are portrayed in a bad light. This train of thought has taken on a life of its own because the ratio of meat/carbohydrates used in dry food can never be optimal for technical reasons. That is why many dog ​​food manufacturers currently only make gluten-free food. Contrary to popular belief, dogs are rarely sensitive to good quality digested grains in a good proportion.

NATURE BOX is a complete frozen meal. Just thaw and you're done, don't add anything.

A NATURE BOX box contains 8 KG (10 packs of 2 x 400 gr) One flavour per box.

There are 7 flavours in the NATURE BOX range: Excellent, Dynamic, Ocean Fish, Instinct, Pure Life, Chicken Farm, Active Breed. All 7 are complete frozen meals. All flavours are for dogs of all breeds and all ages.

Food for pets only. Keep away from human food. Wash hands and clean tools, utensils and surface after using or handling this product.

Defrost, mix together and ready. Do not cook or fry. Give your dog preferably 2 meals a day and puppies 4 meals a day.

Composition: Beef 84% (muscle meat, cartilage, liver, heart, lung, kidney, spleen), zucchini, carrots, linseed oil, sunflower oil.

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