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Crystal Deluxe Water Bottle

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Made from fully recyclable material, these Crystal Deluxe Water Bottle's are practically unbreakable.

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5th Jan 2016

As I am a Guinea Pig breeder, and also show them. I have tried every thing I can think of to stop them dripping, and soaking the bedding, I now put small dishes with hooks on them filled up with shavings, and change them every day, with three hundred Guinea's to look after this is very time consuming, I have been Hobby breeding for 30 years, and this has always been a bit of a problem, but was manageable,with just a few guinea pigs. As my good reputation for quality Guinea's has spread as far as Scotland, and down to Kent, I actually have waiting list for people who are starting Small Animal Farms I have always recommended Vio-Vet as your prices, quality and fast delivery are superior, but we all have the same problems with the bottles, I said that I would see if I could find an answer. The bottles are always filled up to max to create a vaccum,can you suggest any thing else we can try? Regards Georgina

  • Non-Executive Director

Unfortunately it is not possible to create a vacuum with these, as air is allowed back into the bottle during the drinking process (equal in volume to the liquid taken out).

It is possible to fit the drinkers aver a slightly elevated platform. This platform must be just deep enough to reach under the Guineas' noses as they drink, and it must be made of fine mesh which allows any water to fall straight through. (It should slope slightly backwards so that no water will flow forwards onto the normal florr where there should be some bedding present. All water will then land in something like a thin piece of guttering to collect the water and allow it to flow away. It is best not to have any bedding or absorbent material here as it clogs things up. The spilled water will all flow away if this is designed well enough. If you have a suitable handy-man, it should be possible to design and build something like this. (On a larger scale it is often done in farming systems for larger animals.)

Fastener included?

6th Aug 2014

Do the water bottles come with a fastener?

  • Non-Executive Director

Yes, a fastener is included to clip onto the wire of the cage.