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Confidence EQ

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Confidence EQ® provides a unique approach to help reduce equine stress in horses of all ages in many commonly encountered situations such as loading, traveling, environmental changes, training, events, social situations (weaning, farrier visits and vet visits)

The gel is applied just inside the nostrils and works in 30 minutes. ConfidenceEQ contains a synthetic copy of the equine appeasing pheromone, which is produced naturally by a mare shortly after giving birth. Horses (of all ages) continue to recognise this pheromone as a signal of reassurance and it helps them feel safe and secure during times of stress.

Ideal for

  • Transportation
  • Vet/farrier visits
  • Stressful situations
  • New environments
  • Training

Directions for use

  1. Open the sachet
  2. Put the gel onto your fingers
  3. Apply to the nostrils
  4. Apply 30 minutes prior to the stressful situation


Material equine pheremone analog - 1%.

Excipient qsp 5ml.

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Questions & Answers for Confidence EQ

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Confidence EQ, including answers from our team.

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How much to use

11th Jan 2018

Do you use a whole sachet
How long does it last once opened

  • Customer Service Advisor


Thank you for you question.

Tear open one end of the packet and expel approximately ½ of the gel on your index finger. Apply the gel to the bottom edge of the horse’s nostril (not too deep, or in the mucosa). Apply the remainder of the gel in the packet to the other nostril using the same procedure. Repeat the application every 2 - 2.5 hours, if necessary.

Hope that helps.

Effect in hours

13th May 2017
Vicky Coglin

Once administered, how long do the effects last ?

  • Veterinary Advisor

You should see full effects 30 mins after administration. The effect will then last around 1hr 30mins.

Desperation anxiety

2nd Aug 2016
Seperation anxiety

TB in foal Mare, who goes demented when brought in off grass from her Paddock Mate. Sweats. Shouts. Kicks the door, tries to bite, turns into a looney tune.

  • Veterinary Advisor

Separation anxiety can be difficult to deal with. Although this product may help I am not sure it will be enough. I would start with taking the field mate away for short periods of time where your mare can still see them. I would give your mare a small feed at the same time so that she starts to associate the field mate leaving with something good. Eventually take the field mate out of sight- for a short period only at first and then gradually increase the period of time the field mate is away. Eventually she will associate the field mate leaving with something good (the feed) and become more settled. Using the Confidence EQ alongside this would be ideal.

How often administered for box rest

2nd Sep 2015
Box rest

I have a horse on box rest who can gets bit stressed if not turned out. How often do you recommend this calmer to be administered? Thank you

  • Customer Service Operative

Confidence EQ is a synthetic pheromone-based calmer that utilises the pheromone produced by a mare when she has just foaled. This calmer has been designed to be used for stressful events such as travelling, shows and shoeing - it increases the horse's ability to learn. It probably wouldn't be the most useful calmer to be used regularly, as its effects wear off after around one and a half hours, however there is not a limit as to how often this gel can be applied. A feed based calmer such as Feedmark's Steady-Up could prove more beneficial to a horse who suffers from elevated stress levels when on box rest, as the magnesium will have a continuous effect on their behaviour, rather than just affecting a couple of hours a day.

Use with mares in Foal

20th Feb 2015

Can this be used with mares that are in foal?

  • Non-Executive Director

This should be perfectly safe for pregnant or lactating mares.

FEI Legal

7th Nov 2014
Alex Mason

is the product FEI legal?

  • Non-Executive Director

This product is not on the banned list and can be used safely.