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Company of Animals Soft-E Collar for Dogs & Cats

  • Size 1 » Extra Small » 6-10 inch £3.97
  • Size 2 » Small » 10-12 inch £4.17
  • Size 3 » Medium » 12-16 inch £4.92
  • Size 4 » Large » 16-22 inch £5.80
  • Size 5 » Extra Large » 22-26 inch £7.18
  • Size 6 » Greyhound » 16 inch approx £8.92

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£3.97 to £8.92

Soft Smart collars are the kind solution to preventing your dog or cat from exacerbating injury or abrasion by excessively licking and bothering the area. Unlike ordinary protective collars Soft-E collars allow your pet to eat, drink, exercise and sleep comfortably. Made from non-toxic coated, water repellent fabric, the collar is exceptionally lightweight and durable, whilst its shape makes it easy to store when it is not in use.

The Soft-E Collar provides an effective barrier to a treatment area while ensuring an animal can eat, drink and sleep comfortably. It allows free movement of the head, neck and body so an animal can carry on as normal, without being depressed.

Very simple to use and fit, it features a drawstring design, enabling you to fit it precisely and securely with a soft fabric tie thereby ensuring maximum comfort for the animal. The Soft-E collar is available in five sizes and suitable for both dogs and cats, and can withstand clawing and chewing.

The Soft-E Collar is made out of a blue uncoated non-woven fabric which is non-allergenic, non-toxic and water repellent, yet extremely strong to withstand claws and teeth. Very flexible and lightweight, it also folds flat for easy storage and will spring back into its original 'Elizabethan' shape.

Easily adjustable. Measure animal's neck for correct size. The table below shows what size is needed in regards to neck size.

Size Guide

Neck Circumference - cm Neck circumference - inches Length of the cone - cm
Size 1 >24 6-10" 10cm
Size 2 >31 10-12" 14cm
Size 3 >40 12-16" 16cm
Size 4 >50.5 16-22" 20cm
Size 5 >53 22-26" 24cm
Size 6 40 16" 32cm

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How do I measure my dog to make sure order the right size?

20th Jan 2018
Sue G

I have adopted a medium sized dog, who was injured before I got, her and has had to have two ops. my vet thought she had been shot with a pellet gun before coming to England from Rumania, she is over weight as she was unable to exercise much for approx two years. Now she has had a cancerous cyst removed from her neck about 1inch behind her left ear,and has to wear a cone collar. I want to get her a Soft-E-collar but don't know how to measure it.

  • Product Developer

Hello Sue,

Thank you for your question.

To measure the size of the Soft-E-Collar best suited to your dog, you will need to measure around their neck. The sizing chart is available in the description of the product to determine the right size for their neck circumference.

I hope this helps.