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Company of Animals Anxiety Wrap for Dogs

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  • Extra Small £26.99
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The Anxiety Wrap from The Company of Animals provides an anxious dog with a gentle hug which helps to relieve stress and lessen fear. It is a high quality, breathable wrap which delivers acupressure to key points around the dog's body.

This method of pressure has been scientifically proven to provide comfort to those that suffer from fear, anxiety, hyperactivity, shyness and insecurity. See below for a size guide.


  • 89% effective in a Tufts University clinical study
  • Made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex
  • Comfortable, elasticated and breathable
  • Non-restrictive, allows dogs to run and swim with ease
  • Can be used with the Quiet Dog for a stronger calming effect
  • Used by veterinarians, trainers and dog owners

Size guide

Choosing the correct size is important because the Anxiety Wrap works by applying gentle pressure on the dog’s body. Measure your dog’s chest circumference and select the correct size from the following:

  • Size 1 (Toy): 10-12.5” or 26-32cm
  • Size 2 (XXS): 12-16.5” or 30-42cm
  • Size 3 (XS): 14-19” or 36-48cm
  • Size 4 (S): 16.5-21” or 42-54cm
  • Size 5 (M): 19.5-26” or 50-66cm
  • Size 6 (L): 25.5-34.5” or 64-88cm
  • Size 7 (XL): 32-39.5” or 82-100cm

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Stress with dog with epelepsie

12th Aug 2015
Margaret Winyard
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2012
  • From: Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

My 3 year patterdale is very stressed when we go out as we live on main road she wont entertain people no matter how i try to socalise her and cats she wants to kill even the ones she lives with and now she has just had a first epaleptic fit my vets i have been with 20years and they are suporting me with her they think it comes down to irasposibil breeding but with responsabil care she responds slowly will this coat help or can you recomend one thankyou

  • Non-Executive Director

This anxiety wrap does make a significant difference for many dogs so it is worth trying. However it is unlikely to transform your dog entirely. It will be a help, but prolonged and thoughtful socialisation and reward for good behaviour will be important. As for the cats, that might be a training rather than anxiety issue. Some little terriers are just very difficult in this way, though they can certainly learn to be better.