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Clinadry Multi

  • 0.5ml Dose » Pack of 20 £16.49

Clinadry Multi is a Sodium Hyaluronate-based tear replacement designed to restore eye moisture. This preservative-free eye lubricant features a natural polymer formulation which has a high residence time on the corneas, so less frequent applications are required. It binds more closely to the corneal surface than carbomer-based products and Hyaluronate can improve epithelial migration across the cornea, as is required in corneal ulcer healing.

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Suitable for Dogs

28th Feb 2015
Tara Madgwick

I think my dog has dry eyes - largely from the central heating. Is this suitable for me to use without prescription?

So like I would buy something like optrex for myself over the counter at boots?

I've considered using a gel instead as it might stay in the eye for longer. I plan to use this overnight. so put in at bedtime rather than during the day when the heating is largely off.

  • Non-Executive Director

These drops are safe to use, just like you would buy OTC products from Boots for yourself. They may or may not be needed - your vet can measure tear flow and assess any possible dryness. Dryness can be caused by medical conditions, not just central heating, so yo need to get it checked properly if genuine dry eye is present. These drops are safe enough to use however, whatever the situation and will help if dryness is present.