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Cat Mate Elite Chip & Disc Super Selective Cat Flap

  • Super Selective Flap With Microchip & Disc (355) £101.50

The Cat Mate Super Selective Chip and Disc cat flap reads implanted microchips as well as the Cat Mate RFID collar disc. Entry is only granted via the implanted microchip or RFID collar disc and a 4 Way lock provides security. Timer controlled access recognizes up to 9 individual cats and the LCD shows the location of 3 cats and when the last cat used the flap. Can be installed into wood, walls, metal doors single/double-glazing. W 24.5cm D 13.5cm H 26cm.

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Opening size and settings for each cat?

25th Feb 2017

Hi what is the actual opening size the cats climb through please? We have Maine coon kittens who will be large! Can we set different in and out times and settings for each of our 3 cats? Ie 1 can come and go whenever, another is always in, another can come and go day times only! That's it we have 3 cats no more lol! Thanks.

  • Website Content Developer

Hi Clare,

The actual opening your cat would go through is approximately 145mm x 145mm.

With the Model 355 it is not possible to set individual timers for 3 different cats. Any timer set would apply to all cats.

Pet Mate manufacture one model cat flap that offers this option, the Model 305 ID disc Cat Flap with Timer Control. ID discs would then have to be worn by your cats on their collars to operate it.

I hope this helps.