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Bob Martin Flea Clear Spot On for Dogs

  • Cat » 1 Tube £5.99
  • Cat » 2 Tubes £10.00
  • Cat » 3 Tubes £13.49
  • Extra Large Dog (Over 40kg) » 1 Tube £7.49
  • Extra Large Dog (Over 40kg) » 3 Tubes £20.50
  • Large Dog (20 - 40kg) » 1 Tube £7.49
  • Large Dog (20 - 40kg) » 3 Tubes £18.49
  • Medium Dog (10 - 20kg) » 1 Tube £7.00
  • Medium Dog (10 - 20kg) » 3 Tubes £16.99
  • Small Dog (2 - 10kg) » 1 Tube £6.49
  • Small Dog (2 - 10kg) » 3 Tubes £15.49

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Bob Martin FleaClear Spot On Solution kills fleas and ticks on your dog. Suitable for use in homes on both cats and dogs - Effective for up to 8 weeks against fleas.

In addition to this flea treatment you may require an additional household spray to combat fleas which may not have yet hatched or dormant fleas in and around the house. Please click here to see the range of household sprays available.

Please take care not to let the product come into contact with varnished or other household surfaces. The alcohol carrier in the product may have adverse effects on these surfaces. Allow the products to fully dry before allowing the animal contact with these surfaces and do not put used pipettes on them.

Directions for use

Use one tube per dog, ensure they fall in the weight range shown in the dosage chart. Only suitable for puppies over 2 months.

1. FleaClear must be applied at 2 points - at the base of the back of the dog’s head and between the shoulder blades. If the dog is wearing a collar remove it first so that it does not restrict application.

2. Hold tube upright and snap off the top section of the cap opening the tube.

3. Part your dog’s coat until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube directly against the skin and squeeze gently. Apply approximately half of the tube at the back of the dog’s neck and half between the dog’s shoulders.

Squeeze the tube several times to ensure dosing is complete. Avoid applying onto the fur and do not rub into the skin as this will reduce the product’s performance. Do not allow pets to lick each other after treatment. Each treatment provides protection against fleas for up to 8 weeks and protects from ticks by up to 4 weeks.


Product type Size of dog Example breeds
Small 2 - 10kg West Highland Terrier, Jack Russell, King Charles Spaniel
Medium 10 - 20kg Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Schnauzer
Large 20 - 40kg Labrador, Retriever, Collie, Dalmation
Extra Large Over 40kg Bloodhound, Rottweiler, Great Dane

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