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Beaphar Rabbit Fly Guard

  • 75ml £7.49

Beaphar Fly Guard gives continued protection against fly strike for up to 3 months. Fly strike is particularly nasty condition that can affect rabbits with damp or dirty fur. Green Bottles lay their eggs in the fur, where they hatch into larvae and migrate down into the skin. Following their moult the larvae then start to eat their way into the body tissue. Not only does this cause distress and discomfort to the rabbit, it can also cause blood-poisoning, which can in some cases be fatal. Beaphar Fly Guard is an Veterinary preparation containing an insect growth regulator which gives protection against fly strike for up to 3 months. One bottle is sufficient to treat up to 5 rabbits.

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19th Sep 2017

Is this safe to use in the winter months?
Or is it only intended for the summer months?
Also how many sprays per rabbit?


  • Veterinary Advisor

It is safe to repeat this treatment every 3 months (throughout winter if required). Please see instructions for use below:

Remove any faeces attached to the fur or skin before treatment and ensure cages or hutches are free from attractive, smelly bedding material. In order to work out the necessary dosage rate, you first need to weigh the animal. Then follow the dosage rate table below:

  • 0.5kg - 1kg = 5 pumps
  • 1kg - 1.5kg = 7 pumps
  • 1.5kg - 3kg = 9 pumps
  • >3.0kg = 15 pumps

Spray from a distance of approximately 15cm. Spray onto the animal’s rear end, from the middle of the back to the tip of the tail.