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Beaphar Calming Spot On for Dogs & Cats

  • For Cats » 3 Pipettes £4.30
  • For Dogs » 3 Pipettes £4.30

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Beaphar Calming Spot On is a natural product which can help to induce calm and help ease problem behaviour in cats and dogs of all sizes and ages. The micro-encapsulated formula can be applied one to the back of the neck to last for one week. It contains the herbal supplement valerian extract which is widely known for its calming properties. Calming Spot On can help to ease excessive noise making, destructive or boisterous behaviour and inappropriate marking. It can also help during stressful situations such as fireworks night, thunderstorms, travelling and moving house.

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Combine with other products.

13th Oct 2015

Can I use this product and and zylkene as well

  • Non-Executive Director

Yes, these products can be used together if needed.

Use with other supplements

8th Sep 2014
C Callear
  • VioVet Customer Since: January 2014
  • From: County Armagh, United Kingdom

I have a rescue dog that is so nervous of almost anything but at the moment we're going through another of his rough patches. In the past I have tried Adaptil, Dorwest, and also Adptil, pretty much to no avail. I have now ordered Zylkene... can i use this spot on treatment together with the Zylkene? My Vet prescribed ACP but they either do nothing with one pill or knock him out with 2 pills.... not at all what i want.
Thank you.

  • Non-Executive Director

You can use the Beaphar Spto-on with any of the other treatments you have mentioned. The more help the better in some ways.

I have had more success using very low doses of a human anti-depressant than a sedative like ACP. The drug I have used to good effect is Xanax (and it is very cheap). Dogs do not appear sedated, just a bit more relaxed usually. A lot of the progress you make will come from teaching your dog that there is nothing to get stressed about. This is a slow job and specialist help can be very valuable. You could try contacting